Apple Music is finally coming to Windows 11 to replace iTunes

It’s been three months since Microsoft announced that Apple Music and Apple TV apps would be coming to the Microsoft Store, and the big moment has finally arrived. You can now download preview versions of Apple Music and Apple TV apps for Windows, and a third Apple Devices app for Windows 11.

Apple discontinued the iTunes music player for macOS in 2019. Split platform functionality between four apps in macOS Catalina. However, for Windows users who have large local media libraries or want to back up their iDevices or subscribe to Apple Music, iTunes has been the only solution so far by getting minor updates to maintain compatibility with Apple Music, Apple devices and services. After this, Apple fans will finally be able to switch to Apple Music.

The Apple Devices app, on the other hand, is the app you’ll use for performing local device backups, performing emergency software updates, syncing local media, and all the other things you can do with an iOS device plugged into your computer.

Note that the three new Apple apps require Windows 11 version 22621.0 or higher. Apple states that installing any of these apps will prevent iTunes for Windows from openingIt forces you to switch to new apps if you decide to download them.

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