Apple Glass: We already know all the colors of Apple’s first AR headset

You only have to wait a few more days before you can discover Apple’s mixed reality headset. The American giant has been working on this brand new product category for many years, and the day we will learn all about it is June 5th.

While the leaks have been pretty weak so far, analyst Ross Young still managed to explain it. The headset will use two 1.41-inch Micro OLED displayse is a technology that is still very rare in the market and can only be found in extremely expensive televisions. Each will benefit from 4K definition, i.e. 4000 PPI for each eye, and offer at least 5000 nits of brightness.

Apple’s headphones come in different colors

Dealabs leakster billbil-kun added that Apple’s earphones will be marketed in different colors here, adding to the structure of the leaks: you can choose between the 6th for sure. black, blue, gray, green, and pink, but the latest set of colors has not been announced.

2 storage configurations will also be available: 128GB and 256GB. It is not yet clear whether this will be enough or whether Apple will somehow allow us to increase the storage. The headset is likely to be compatible with iCloud, which allows users to choose virtual storage.

On the tariff side, many reports stated Price around 3000 dollars years and it doesn’t seem like much has changed. In France, with taxes added, the price can be prohibitive for many fans. from Apple. Note that this should be a niche product for now.

In either case, the presentation should be made with great fanfare. According to journalist Mark Gurman, Apple has built a large structure on the Apple Park campus to provide controlled demonstrations of the device to selected conference attendees and the media. Apple will focus primarily on FaceTime and virtual reality, Apple TV+ content and games.

But things don’t seem to be going exactly as planned for Apple. Mark Gurman also noted that the product, which some testers are approaching a development phase called DVT (Design Validation Testing), overheated. Therefore, we think the device will not be available for sale immediately, while Apple finds a solution to fix this issue.

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Apple’s headphones won’t suit everyone

Apple is also consideringinform potential customers with certain medical conditions not to purchase or use the device Because of the impact of augmented reality and virtual reality on their health. These include people with Ménière’s disease, previous traumatic brain injury, post-concussion syndrome, migraines, and dizziness.

It is also not recommended to buy if you are prone to inner ear infections, suffer from ADHD, anxiety disorders, epilepsy, fainting or seizures. Avoid the device even if you have a pacemaker or are simply pregnant.

Anywaythe price should initially make this headset attractive only to developers and professionals. These will be responsible for the development of apps for the device, and after that Apple can focus on lowering the price of the technology it has put in place to make it accessible to as many people as possible.

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