Apple fails with iPhone 14 Plus sales and strategy change for iPhone 15

A few months after the launch of the iPhone 14 Plus, the situation for Apple is grim: the smartphone failed to convince the public, and its sales are much lower than the Apple brand expected. Thus, the future of this entire model would already be under threat.

A Korean source assures that Apple will work on a different strategy for the iPhone 15. As it has been for several years, but with changes around the iPhone 15 Plus, the number of mobiles should still be four.

Are there more differences between iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 Pro?

The first possibility considered would be to lower the price of the device. As a reminder, the iPhone 14 Plus retails for 1,169 euros in France for the version with the least storage (128 GB) at launch, almost as much as an iPhone 13 Pro Max. The iPhone 14 Plus costs 150 euros more than the classic iPhone 14, only offering a larger screen and a larger battery. Everything is similar, from performance to photography to design.

If this option is chosen, it will be interesting to see whether Apple will also lower the price of the iPhone 15 with the price difference unchanged, or if only the iPhone 15 Plus will be affected, in which case we will see a contraction. the gap between the two models.

But we’re not there yet, as Apple is also considering the possibility of changing its strategy for the next-gen iPhone. This may mean that the iPhone 14 Plus is not entitled to a direct successor, but the report also mentions another alternative: better marking the difference between a basic iPhone and an iPhone Pro.

Renowned analyst Ming-Chi Kuo had rightly predicted that Apple might be tempted by this idea. It is not yet clear whether the Pro models will go even further to differentiate themselves, whether the Cupertino company will prefer to leave the non-Pro iPhones slightly behind, or whether the two series will follow different paths to meet the needs in a complementary way.

Source : MacRumors

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