Apple AirTag: A woman recovers her stolen bike in just an hour thanks to tracker

We’ve heard all kinds of stories since the launch of the Apple AirTag, this little tracker designed to help you find your lost items. It helps the police arrest grave robbers or drug dealers. The device even detected fraudulent donation smuggling for a natural disaster. Very effective directed uses, but let’s not forget that basically, it allows you. find keys, a suitcase or even a laptop. Useful if you have the unfortunate tendency to lose everything and even more in case of theft.

Beatriz Spaltemberg, a resident of Utrecht, Netherlands, bikes to the gym as usual. Tie him to a pole, other than that, he’s distracted, leaving the key in the lock. It was enough to seduce a malicious person. One hour after his next session, Beatriz realizes her bike is no longer there.. Fortunately, he had a good idea to get there. fix an AirTag and open now Find the app to view its location.

A woman found her stolen bike within an hour, thanks to Apple’s AirTag

He calls the police, saying he knows exactly where his bike is. With this information, two officers agree to accompany him to the scene. Normally, they would just record your complaint. When she got there, Beatriz was able to prove that the bike attached to a lamppost really was hers: the location of the tracker in the app was pointing to it exactly.

The thief was not at the scene, but authorities will examine CCTV cameras to locate him. Police said the recovery of the two-wheeler was successful because the AirTag was “particularly well concealed”. Finally, this whole story only took about 1 hour 30. Fortunately for the victim, the criminal seemed to need to act faster, or at least not have time to resell the stolen property, which would complicate the task.

Source : 9to5Mac

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