App Store: This bug nearly made developers millionaires

500 euro banknotes

Create apps for: iPhone Or ipad It is a profession. And like any business, the goal is, first and foremost, to make money from it. Developers are waiting for sales to improve while they wait to offer their programs in an alternative store.App Store Linka dashboard where they can view various key indicators: number of downloads, iPhone models on which the app is installed, or of course income generated.

Some people were shocked by connecting to the platform on March 11. After showing the gains in the last 24 hours, they realize that sales have exploded, reaching hundreds of thousands or even a million, depending on the situation. Direct result: estimated revenues increased over 999% (limit shown by the service) and the displayed amounts are worthy of the lottery prize. Open X (Twitter)Screenshots keep coming. $7.51 million for Adam Lyttle or 47 million for Nan Ma, for example.

Apple app developers see their revenues soar to millions of dollars in just minutes

Considering how quickly gains are made, the majority of developers are being quite cautious. And they are right. Very quickly a message appears at the top of the page explaining: “An issue with sales and product data in the 24-hour view as of 22:00 UTC on April 10, 2024.” and said Apple was working to resolve it. Those who dreamed of retiring early and living in a mansion on a paradise island had to reconsider their plans.

The story may make you smile, but you forget that it can make you smile. very unfortunate results. If a company wants automate the distribution of paid ads for your app depending on the respective indicator here. The higher it goes, the more the system pays to create ads. Therefore, we understand how this mistake can potentially lead to disaster.

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