An iPhone spontaneously ignited and burned its owner, complains to Apple

stories smartphones that catch fire or explode fortunately rare, but real. No favoritism, all brands are interested. There an Oppo model explodes in a trouser pocket, here a Samsung cell phone catches fire on an airplane… Usually, victims come out with a few burns, even if we’ve seen a fatal case before. iPhones are not free of this phenomenon, and it is precisely an Apple-branded phone that is at issue here.

Premaj Singh, a real estate businessman residing in India, sitting in his armchair at home he sees smoke coming out of his pants pocket. He immediately pulls out the iPhone there and moves it away from him. burnt thumb and thigh. it tells device slit open and continued to smoke for a dozen minutesAs shown in the photograph.

47-year-old man’s iPhone suddenly caught fire and burned him

The surprising thing about this story is, iPhone looks like it caught fire for no apparent reason. In most cases, such events occur while the mobile phone is charging. An investigation is ongoing to determine the causes of the incident.Luckily it didn’t do any more damage. Premaj Singh, an iPhone user for over 10 years, has “lost faith in the company”. He has sued Apple.

Its exact model has not been revealed, but from the photos we can assume that it is one. iPhone 7 or 8. It is also unknown whether the victim altered his device in any way. replacing the battery with an unofficial one. This is one of the most common reasons for cell phones to flare up. using an unsuitable charger.

Source : ETV Bharat

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