AirTag: watch your luggage, Apple’s tracker is sometimes used to spy on tourists

AirTag was originally a lost object tracker, but many villains have understood all the benefits they can derive from Apple’s Bluetooth beacon. Stories about how ordinary people and even law enforcement officers are being tracked often come to us. Two Australian tourists tell us how their vacation was interrupted by Apple’s little pebble.

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Emily Sinclair was on her way to Bali for a dream vacation. Unfortunately his stay was short lived. A few days after her arrival, Emily hears a suspicious noise from one of her luggage. comes froma hidden AirTag in the outer pocket of the backpack. “I immediately disassembled the device and removed the battery; Made in Indonesia”. There is no doubt for him that the AirTag was placed among his belongings as soon as he arrived at the airport.

Someone AirTag follows her during her vacation, gets scared and cuts her vacation short

This discovery creates a real cold shower effect. About Mr Sinclair and his companion. After a long delay, they shorten their trip and return to Australia. “This situation ruined our holiday, we didn’t feel safe anymore. […] If someone bothers to put an AirTag in our luggage, good with the intention to use “.

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How to avoid this kind of mishap? The two travelers shared their stories on social media and received a lot of advice. First of all: check the contents of your luggage often. Then use the tools provided by Apple. The Cupertino company has released an update for AirTag that indeed makes it possible to identify spy devices.

Source : WCCF Tech

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