AirTag: Uses tracker to find suspect’s stolen truck before it shoots

Police said a man suspected of stealing a truck from a San Antonio home was shot dead after truck owners tracked him down using Apple Airtag. Around 1:00 pm on March 29, the San Antonio Police Department received a report of a stolen vehicle from a home in Braesview, above the city.

Owners likely tracked the truck using an Apple Airtag that was inside the vehicle when it was stolen. He was able to find his truck at a mall in the Southeast neighborhood at 3200 block of Southeast Military Drive. The problem is, when you get there, He didn’t bother to call the police and the incident ended in bloodshed.

Killed the thief suspected of taking his pickup truck

The man reportedly called the police to report his vehicle was stolen, but did not wait for the police to arrive to confront the suspected truck thief. Indeed, a violent altercation allegedly occurred between the two men, but according to the Bexar County Medical Examiner, the suspect eventually died from a gunshot wound to the head.

Police found several bullet casings and two cars with broken windows at the scene. The suspect was shot, but the police don’t know if he was armed.

The incident came as Apple came under criticism for using AirTag, which is most commonly used to track items like luggage and wallets, but is also used for harmful purposes such as tracking ex-wives and even children. This is far from the first time an Apple device has been used to find car thefts, but the American giant reminds its tracker that it shouldn’t be used that way. Police even managed to arrest a narcotics manufacturer by tracking the movements of a package.

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