AirTag: authorities hijack Apple tracker to arrest drug maker

Last year, the United States Drug Enforcement Agency allegedly used an AirTag. Track illicit drug production equipment shipped from China to a narcotics manufacturer in the United StatesAccording to a search warrant that our colleagues at Forbes can review.

According to the report, in May 2022, border guards seized two packages from Shanghai, China. One contained a pill press, a machine used to compress materials into tablets, and the other contained pill dyes. Agents turned to the DEA to find out where to send the package, and it simply decided. hide an AirTag inside the pill press to track the pack’s movement.

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An AirTag is used by the authorities to eliminate a drug trade.

On the warrant, an officer ” precise information about its location [presse-pilules] It enables researchers to obtain evidence of where these people store drugs and/or drug products, where they obtain controlled substances, and where they distribute them. But it’s not clear why the authorities decided to use an AirTag instead of a professional tracker.

According to a former representative of the service who spoke to Forbes, the DEA may have used it. AirTag because it offers more reliable connection than other devicesor due to past failures of such devices made available to the police.

I’m not sure Apple really appreciates the police using their device this way. The American giant has recently released an update that makes it possible to better identify unknown AirTags around you to fight against informants. The police themselves are sometimes watched, as New York police officers find the tracker under their car earlier in the year.

Source : forbes

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