AirPods 2 Release Date Announced as March

The AirPods 2 release date may come on March 29, and we may see a price increase with the new models. A Portuguese Apple site reports that AirPods 2 will arrive on March 29, days after an Apple Event.

The current generation AirPods are almost two and a half years old but still sell well. AirPods early adopters can’t wait to replace them as battery life shortens with age, and many buyers are still wondering whether they should wait for the AirPods 2 or buy the current model.

While this is exciting news for customers who are looking forward to the new model, it is not a definitive rumor. This Apple juice the website is a legitimate source and the timing of AirPods 2 is in line with a rumor reported by the Greek Apple site iPhone jellies mid February. The rumors were posted to an Apple event for March 25, but reportedly Focus on Apple subscription services Not hardware like AirPods 2 or a new iPad mini 5.

A new rumor suggests that the AirPods 2 release date will arrive this month.

Appleferra’s report focuses on a screenshot showing the end of life of AirPods on March 28, suggesting a new model or SKU to replace the original AirPods at retail. The report says this could be a full-fledged AirPods 2 release date with new features, or a new model with wireless charging.

After a delay, this upcoming event is a potential candidate for the launch of the AirPower wireless charger, which will line up with the AirPods wireless charging case. Last year’s AirPods 2 rumors focused on both scenarios, where Apple could only be working on a minor refresh called AirPods and a full release date for AirPods 2 this fall.

OnLeaks reports From a source that the AirPods wireless charging case will arrive in March, but the AirPods 2 release date will arrive in the fall with new colors and new features.

At this stage, it’s worth waiting for the March 25 event to see what happens, even if you buy the current models within a month, it’s better to know the options than to be stuck with an outdated product in such a short time. period. If Apple announces it at this event, it’s very likely that they’ll showcase the hardware at the event and then sell the 29th on Friday, but the AirPower and AirPods wireless charging case may only go on sale since both products. already announced.

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