Agile Disk Case Review: Recycled CD iPhone Case

This plastic case is made from recycled CDs.

The Nimble Disc Case is an iPhone case made from 100% recycled compact discs. Yes, there’s a chance that this awesome clear case was made from parts of the N’Sync, Britney Spears, or Sublime CDs you carried from your car to your bedroom in high school. Or whatever your favorite CD is.

These cases, made from REPLAY post-consumer compact discs, are available for $39.95 for the iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro, iPhone 11 Pro Max, and iPhone SE 2020 models. Agile and verizon.

I’ve been testing the Nimble Disc Case on the iPhone 11 Pro Max for a couple of weeks now and I’ve been very impressed with the quality and sustainability factor this case offers.

The Agile Disc Box provides a lot of grip and the edges give them just the right amount. Most cases have very hard edges, which makes them difficult to hold. This case doesn’t add much thickness to the iPhone 11 Pro Max and still offers six feet of drop protection. That’s more than enough for my daily needs, and while I wouldn’t throw this case on the ground with my phone in it, there are features to help keep the phone safe.

The Agile Disk case has a nice lip on the front that keeps the iPhone screen off surfaces when you flip it facedown and helps protect the phone if you drop it. Each back corner has a small raised section that prevents the phone from sliding on smooth surfaces. Overall, the case feels very solid and contains all the hallmarks of a protective case in this class.

The front lip protects the screen.

Even with the raised edges, I can reliably use gestures on the iPhone 11 Pro Max. This was a concern with many cases I tested initially that had lips. The inward curve of the lip helps alleviate this, and I’m probably more adept at using gestures. I still prefer a case without a lip on the bottom edge, but that doesn’t prevent switching apps or going to the home screen.

The clear design shows the color of your iPhone, which is a nice feature. The case is made with anti-yellowing technology, so it should look as crisp and fresh as day one. After a lot of use outside and a day at the beach, the holster looks just as good the day I wore it. On the back of the case, there is the Nimble Recycle logo on the bottom and the inscription “MADE OF RECYCLED COMPACT DISCS” on the right edge of the case.

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The case is scratch resistant and does a good job resisting scratches, but after a month of heavy use, the exterior has a few scratches and dings. That’s to be expected, especially since I took this case on multiple hikes where I leaned against rocks, trees, and a rocky beach.

It has an anti-microbial coating that helps keep the case clean. The biggest downside to this case is that it shows fingerprints like most clear cases do. I find myself cleaning the case at least once a week to keep it looking fresh and clean. This is quite common, but in some cases an oleophobic coating is used to keep fingerprints away.

The power button was a little stiff initially, but after using it for a while on my iPhone 11 Pro Max, it flexed.

When I first started using the case, on the iPhone 11 Pro Max the power button, or what Apple calls the side button, was too stiff and the phone took screenshots and was not easy to activate. I removed the case, flexed the power button 20-30 times and it got better. After a few days of use, the power button started to feel exactly as expected. I prefer the functionality of the first day. Be prepared to attach the buttons before installing the case and then for the first few days after using the case. The iPhone SE case was perfect right out of the box, without needing any flex for the buttons to get the perfect feel. The iPhone 11 Pro case we tested wasn’t loose enough to use, after trying to flex the buttons, the case routinely took a screenshot when we tried to open the test phone. It’s a good idea to check this when you receive your bag.

With every purchase you get a free shipping label to recycle used plastic boxes. When you recycle an old safe, you’ll get 15% off your next order. The packaging of the case is plastic free for easy recycling.

Despite the short lifespan of the iPhone 11 Pro Max case and the problem with the iPhone 11 Pro option, I still love the Nimble Disc Case. Having the right amount of branding and a sustainable case option that doesn’t compromise on protection is a huge bonus. You can buy at. Agile or verizon.

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