9 Best Magic Keyboard Shortcuts for iPad

Whether you’re using a traditional Magic Keyboard or one of the newer ones with a console design, knowing how to use keyboard shortcuts is essential if you want to stay productive on an iPad. While the apps come with custom shortcuts, there are also a few useful shortcuts you can use to interact with iPadOS itself.

Whether it’s searching for things, multitasking with other apps, or navigating your iPad in general, the following list of keyboard shortcuts will help. Let’s check them out.

Universal Search is an incredibly useful function on the iPad. It works similar to Spotlight Search on Mac and allows you to search for apps, documents and files in real time. By design, you can only invoke it on the Home screen. But with Magic Keyboard you can bring it literally anywhere.

Magic Keyboard Shortcuts for iPad 1

Just press Command+Space and the Universal Search bar will pop up immediately. Then start typing. If there is a matching query, press Enter to load it instantly. If you launch Universal Search while using another app, you can search and drag out apps to launch them in Split View or Slide.

2. Bring the Dock

Whenever you want to open the iPad’s Dock, stop wasting time dragging down the cursor or using the corresponding tap gesture. Press Command+Option+D instead. You can then select an app in the Dock to switch to. Or you can drag out to start Split View or Scrolling.

Magic Keyboard Shortcuts for iPad 2

3. Switch Apps

Want to switch between full-screen apps? Simply hold the Command key and press the Tab key; You should see a bar with a list of open apps on your Mac. Keep pressing Tab to select the app you want. Then release both keys to bring the app into view.

Magic Keyboard Shortcuts for iPad 3

You can also quickly switch between the two apps. Just press Command+Tab to switch to your last app. Then press Command+Tab again to go back to the previous app. If you don’t like using Split View, you have to prove it’s indispensable.

4. Take Screenshots

Stop fiddling with the Top and Volume Up buttons on your iPad when it’s time to take a screenshot. Press Command+Shift+3 instead and your iPad will instantly capture everything on the screen. Then you can tap or select the screenshot preview to enter Markup mode. Or leave it as is and it should automatically be saved in the Photos app.

5. Take and Edit Screenshots

Alternatively, you can press Command+Shift+4 to take a screenshot and automatically enter Markup mode. After you’ve made your edits, tap Done and save it in the Photos app or Files app.

6. Open Emoji Keyboard

Did you know that you can create a stylish emoji keyboard in any text field or document? To do this, simply press the Sphere key or Control+Space. Then use the Up, Down, Left and Right arrow keys to select an emoji and press Enter to add it.

Magic Keyboard Shortcuts for iPad 4

7. Show Shortcuts

While using an app, hold down the Command key to see a list of all shortcuts associated with it. That way, you don’t always have to remember a bunch of shortcuts. For example, Safari supports many keyboard shortcuts; Don’t forget to check them out.

Magic Keyboard Shortcuts for iPad 5

8. Go Home

If you want to go to the home screen, simply press Command+H; Your iPad immediately minimizes all open apps. If you want to reopen the app (or apps) you just used, press Command+Tab.

Magic Keyboard Shortcuts for iPad 6

9. Turn Off the Screen

Have you finished the work? Press Command+Option+Q to turn off the screen. If battery life is important, remember to use this shortcut when you’re not using your iPad.

If you want to wake your iPad, press Enter; If you’re using an iPad Pro with Face ID, you must have entered before you knew it.

Check Full Keyboard Access

That’s all? No way. If you want to access even more keyboard shortcuts, you must turn on Full Keyboard Access by going to Settings > Accessibility > Keyboard. Then, App Switcher, Control Center, Notification Center, etc. You can use your keyboard to bring up various functions such as Better still, you can also customize your keyboard shortcuts. Don’t forget to give it a chance.

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