6 Reasons to Wait and 2 Reasons to Buy the Apple Watch

Apple Watch 6 offers new health features and a faster processor. It starts at $399, but we’re seeing Black Friday deals already go up to $50 on the latest Apple Watch. If you want to do more without your iPhone, you can get it with an LTE connection. This list will help you decide whether you should wait for the Apple Watch 6 today or 2021.

You can buy the Apple Watch 6 at Apple, Amazon, best buy, B&H Photo, Walmartand Aim. The LTE model is available at: verizon, AT&Tor T mobile.

Apple Watch Series 6 comes in 40mm and 44mm sizes, and you can buy it in aluminum or stainless steel with a wide choice of straps. Apple lets you choose the strap you want, but then you can buy any strap you want to add style to your watch.

The latest model includes some transfer features from the Series 5 model, including the Always-On Display, compass, fall detection, and Afib-detection ECG support. If you’re upgrading from an older model, you’ll need to factor these into your decision.

Here’s a closer look at the key reasons you should consider buying the Apple Watch 6 and a few reasons to wait.

Reasons to Buy Apple Watch 6;

  1. Buy for New Health Features
  2. Buy for a Faster Processor
  3. Buy If You Have Series 1 or Older Series
  4. Buy if you want the new Apple Watch Color
  5. Buy for a Better View
  6. Buy for Great Deals

Do Not Buy Apple Watch 6 in the following cases;

  1. Don’t Buy If The Cheaper Model Is Better For You
  2. You Are Satisfied With Your Current Model

Read on for more details on each of these reasons so you can make the best decision for your situation.

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Buy for New Health Features

Buy Apple Watch 6 for new health tracking features.

The new Apple Watch 6 includes a Blood Oxygen Sensor, sometimes called an spO2 sensor. It detects oxygen saturation in your blood, which is important to know if you have asthma, COPD, it points to elements of heart health and can also be very important to monitor during physical activity.

This can also be helpful if you are concerned about COVID 19, as a low spO2 reading may indicate the need for medical attention. In short, this sensor can help you stay alert to changes in your blood oxygen levels and let you know if you need medical attention.

Instead of using a third-party option or a standalone sensor, this is built into the Apple Watch 6 and you also have a digital record of your spO2 readings over time to share with a medical professional.

Buy for a Faster Processor

Apple has a faster processor in the Apple Watch 6 this year. The Apple Watch 4 and Apple Watch 5 used the same processor, but Apple improved performance on the Series 5.

This year the Apple Watch 6 uses a new processor that offers better performance. This means better overall speed when using apps and common tasks. Specifically, Apple says the new processor is 20% faster than the old model.

Apple is introducing a bunch of new features to the new Apple Watch Series 6.

Buy If You Have Series 1 or Older Series

Are you using an Apple Watch Series 1 or earlier? If so, you can’t get watchOS 7 on your watch. That means there are no new features and security fixes this year. If you want to enjoy the new features, you need to upgrade to a new Apple Watch.

For users who have had their Apple Watch for years, it’s a good idea to switch to the Series 6 instead of the new cheaper Apple Watch announced alongside it. Going to the top allows you to use your Apple Watch longer and ultimately provide more value for the next few years.

Buy if you want the new Apple Watch color

Apple is finally adding a new Apple Watch color to the table this year. If you want to rock the new color because you like the look or because you want people to know you have a new model, you should get the Apple Watch Series 6.

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Apple includes a beautiful new Blue for aluminum colors and a bright red. There are also two new Stainless colors, including Dark Gray Stainless and a new Gold Stainless.

Buy for a Better View

The new Always On Display is 2.5 times brighter, so you can better see the time outside without turning it on. It’s a nice upgrade from previous models and a handy way to beat the time without having to pick up your watch and look at it.

I like that this feature allows me to see the time at a glance, just like a regular watch, even while chatting.

Buy If You Find A Great Deal

If you’re looking for a big deal on the Apple Watch 6, it’s the right time. We’re seeing a discount of up to $50 on the Apple Watch 6. Amazon and various Black Friday deals on Apple Watch Walmart, best buy and B&H Photo.

When you see a $50 discount on the Apple Watch 6 during Black Friday, we recommend jumping on the deal. You probably won’t see this type of deal until February.

Don’t Buy If The Cheaper Model Is Better For You

Consider the Apple Watch SE instead of the Apple Watch 6.

Apple announced two new Apple Watch models this year. It’s a big change, and it means you can buy a new Apple Watch for less money and still get great new features and a model that will last for years.

The Apple Watch SE is a cheaper model that starts at $279 and is available in the same sizes. You can use the same accessories and Apple Watch straps with it. The cheaper model doesn’t include an spO2 sensor, but you do get some useful features like Drop Detection, ECG support, and our other favorite Apple Watch features.

This is a really attractive option and something you should research before you buy.

You Are Satisfied With Your Current Model

Are you satisfied with your current Apple Watch? As long as you have Apple Watch Series 2 or later, you’ll get a free watchOS 7 upgrade with tons of new features.

If you need to give your current model a boost, Buy a new battery for many models from iFixit and install the upgrade yourself. You can buy a new Apple Watch band and then have a whole new look.

Keeping your current setup going for longer will save you some money and is more sustainable than upgrading every year.

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