5 Reasons to Change Carrier for iPhone 11 or iPhone 11 Pro and 4 Reasons Not to

Upgrade to iPhone 11 or iPhone 11 Pro? This might be the perfect time to switch carriers. If you haven’t looked at a new carrier in years, coverage, plans, pricing, and options have all changed dramatically.

You can easily buy the iPhone 11 from your current carrier, but if you change carriers you may get better coverage, you’ll likely get a better deal on your new iPhone, and you may find that the bonuses a new carrier offers better suit your needs. .

In addition to looking at major carriers like verizon, sprint, T mobile and AT&TYou should also check out new MVNO options like Spectrum Mobile, XFinity Mobile, Visible and other carriers that may offer you a better plan and the ability to bring the new iPhone with you.

According to a CIRP report, the most common reason to switch carriers is coverage, but anecdotally, we see many people switching carriers to save money or because they can save money with packages or bonuses that suit their needs.

If you’re ready to jump in, click here to learn about the latest options and deals. verizon, sprint, T mobile and AT&T, Spectrum Mobile, XFinity Mobile or Visible.

Read on to learn more about the reasons for switching carriers for iPhone 11.

Switch for a New Customer iPhone 11 Opportunity

Switch to get better iPhone 11 deals.

You can expect better iPhone 11 deals when you switch to a new carrier. We may see some of these deals right away, and with other carriers you may have to wait a few weeks or months.

The most common deals we see are Buy One Get One Free or Buy One Half Discount. These usually work with a series of billing credits added monthly to your bill after a month or two. These essentially lock you into the carrier until the credits run out and the iPhones are paid off.

You need to add a new line to get these deals, and as a new customer it’s easier to add a new line than when your family is already online. Research the opportunities at each carrier and then decide if it’s time to switch.

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Switch to a Cheaper Plan

After years with the same carrier and switching from one plan to the next, there’s a good chance you’ll end up paying a decent amount on your cell phone bill. Even with a single line, the plans are expensive depending on the carrier you’re with.

This is a good time to look at carriers’ plans to see what they offer and how much you can save when you switch. Here is the cheapest and available plan for each carrier you should check out and a link to compare their plans.

Make sure to account for any taxes and double-check that the price you see is the actual price you received.

Switch for Better Coverage

Switch for better coverage.

Switch for better coverage.

Are you satisfied with your current coverage? If coverage, speeds, and call quality aren’t exactly what you want, it’s time to consider switching carriers. Over the past two years, the scope and quality of coverage has changed dramatically.

Spend time talking to friends and colleagues to find out which carriers they have and how good the coverage is. If you’re out with your friends and always have coverage while you’re struggling to stream or upload to Instagram, they might have the right carrier.

You can test an operator, but this can vary from operator to carrier and can be a hassle, so it’s easier to do your research before you switch.

Switch for Carrier Bonuses

Carriers don’t offer as many takeaways as they used to, but they do offer a number of bonus items that will allow you to switch from your current carrier to a new one. You can get free streaming services, free music services, rewards and other bonus items. Most of them are with traditional carriers and you need the right plan to get the bonus.

Make sure you understand how much you’ll save by switching as sometimes the bonus items are good, but with a higher plan your savings may not be as big.

Switch For A Better Discount

Companies change carriers and discount plans change. If you’ve lost your discount with a carrier or it’s not as much as you wanted, now is a good time to shop.

You can check discounts for employers and military or first responders online or by visiting a store. This is an easy way to significantly lower your bill.

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Don’t Switch to 5G

You may want to switch to a carrier for 5G right now as it sounds great and you’ve seen a few speed tests online. If you have a 5G phone and live in the right city, it’s a good time to consider switching, but the iPhone 11 doesn’t support 5G, so it’s not worth switching carriers for 5G if you’re currently rocking an iPhone. The only exception is if you plan to purchase a 5G hotspot and want to consolidate your bills.

Wait until a 2020 iPhone with 5G comes out, possibly with 5G, and then consider coverage, speeds, and technology before switching carriers.

Don’t Switch From Research or Backup

Make sure you do your research before porting your number and changing carriers. Yes you can go back or change things back but it’s a hassle and if you get a new phone it’s also a pain to return it.

Another thing to consider is that when you switch, there is a very high probability that you will not be able to get your old plan and pricing back, even if you switch back to your carrier. Before you start porting your number, do your best to plan ahead and get a final monthly fee from the new carrier.

Do Not Switch Without Checking Latches

Everything sounds great when you look at a new carrier and watch commercials or listen to a salesperson. But there are always catches and good prints. Most unlimited plans are not actually unlimited, and video streaming may be limited to 480P or 720P.

Read the fine print of the plan you want to switch to and ask lots of questions. Then, when you’re ready, choose a new carrier or get a new plan for your carrier.