11 Things to Know About iPhone 5 iOS 9.2 Update

Apple recently released the iPhone 5 iOS 9.2 update, which brings fixes, improvements and new issues to the old flagship. Now that we’re a few weeks away from release, we’d like to take a look at the important things to know about the iPhone 5 iOS 9.2 update and its future.

A week after the iOS 9.1 release, Apple has approved the iPhone 5 iOS 9.2 update with a beta version. And just like the iOS 9.1 update, iOS 9.2 came with new features and fixes (in beta) for iOS 9 issues.

In the weeks following the first beta, Apple rolled out the iOS 9.2 update with new features and tweaks. Earlier this month, after several beta releases, Apple found iOS 9.2 good enough for public consumption.

In December, the company pulled it out of beta and shipped it to iPhone 5 users around the world. If you have an iPhone 5, you can download it via iTunes or Over-the-Settings.

The iOS 9.2 update brings new features, new enhancements, new bug fixes and new security patches to iPhone 5. iOS 9.1 and its emojis received much more attention, but the iOS 9.2 update is extremely important for the iPhone 5.

Today we want to take a look at everything iPhone 5 users need to know about the iOS 9.2 update, including iOS 9.2 issues, an iPhone 5 iOS 9.2 review, some tips and update details to help you whenever and wherever you install the update. The iOS update will follow.

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