10 iOS 9.0.1 Upgrade Tips

Apple’s first update for iOS 9 is here, and iOS 9.0.1 brings bug fixes to iPhone, iPad and iPod touch owners. With today’s iOS 9.0.1 release date in mind, we’d like to offer some upgrade tips to help those of you downgrading to the latest version of iOS.

Apple released the iOS 9.0 system update for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch a week ago. The iOS 9 update replaces the iOS 8 update and brings tons of new features, enhancements, and more to Apple’s mobile device owners.

Earlier this month, Apple also confirmed the next major iOS 9 release, an update called iOS 9.1. Today, Apple released a new iOS 9 update, albeit without iOS 9.1 and new emojis. No, it’s a minor iOS 9.0.1 bug fix update for all devices that can run iOS 9.

iOS 9.0.1 hit the scene today without any warning. iOS updates that aren’t major upgrades often have surprise release dates, so today’s surprise iOS 9.0.1 release came as no surprise to us or those familiar with Apple’s patterns.

The iOS 9.0.1 update is small but important. It comes with several major bug fixes for iOS 9 issues, including an issue that prevented some alarms from sounding when scheduled. Here are the key components:

With an iOS 9.0.1 release date here, we do our best to prepare iPhone, iPad and iPod touch users for their installation. Now is a great time to prepare yourself and your device for the iOS 9.0.1 update.

If you are considering installing the new update and its fixes, keep these iOS 9.0.1 release date tips in mind.

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