10 Best iPhone Games to Play with Your Girlfriend

These are the best iPhone games to play with your girlfriend, wife, husband or significant other. Below is a list of fun and exciting games you can play on your iPhone or iPad whether you’re together in the same room, miles apart, or in a long distance relationship.

If you or your girlfriend are looking for board games, strategy games, Trivia games, or even shooter games like Fortnite to play together, there’s at least one good iPhone game for every couple. While some couples bond over XBOX, PlayStation or PC games, most will find it best to play more casual iPhone games. iPhone games are generally simpler than console games, making it easier for couples to start on an even footing.

Many couples meet on dating apps, but once you find a keeper, finding games to play as a couple can keep the conversation going. While there are many ways to connect with your partner, couples can connect via their iPhone in real time or, more conveniently, by playing games together, as most of these games send notifications to come your turn. That means you don’t have to spend a lot of time in your day playing iPhone games with your girlfriend and taking your turn whenever it’s convenient for you.

Frankly, the type of relationship you have will likely determine the types of games you play. Some couples can get along just fine, even with fierce competition. When competitions get too hot, other couples can argue. If he’s into shooting and competitive, play COD Mobile or PUBG together. If you’re going to play games with your partner, be sure to choose something that you both will enjoy. Don’t give up if one of these games doesn’t work for one of you instantly, as there are so many games to choose from.

But shooting games and competitive games are not for everyone. Many couples will find iPhone board games more friendly. Role-playing iPhone games are also popular with couples. One of the best Trivia apps will even let you earn real money while playing together, that’s great. If you earn enough, maybe you can go on a trip and push your long distance relationship a little further.

Most of the games for couples on our list are completely free to download and play. At most, these games only cost a few dollars. Note that some games designed for couples offer in-app purchases or power-ups that can give half the couple an unfair advantage. We’ve found a few great games, free or paid, that you can play with your girlfriend, wife, husband, or anyone else you’re trying to connect a little more with. Information about each game and links to download them are in our slideshow below.

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What are the best iPhone games you play with your girlfriend or boyfriend? Let us know in the comments below and we can add them to this list so other couples can find them.

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