YouTube Music: How to use it outside the US?

The world’s largest online video platform is diversifying with the launch of YouTube Red and Music, a platform dedicated to song streaming. Closely linked to Google Play Music, the new service available on Android and iOS is currently only available in the United States.

This geographically limited release is a huge disappointment. For all those folks who don’t have the courage to wait for the service to be deployed internationally, here’s a little parade that will let you in. Access YouTube Music before anyone else.

We recently explained to you how to circumvent geo-restrictions to be able to download and install apps that are not available in France, it consisted of using a VPN and the method used here is somewhat similar. No root required to perform the manipulation.

Step 1: Download and install YouTube Music APK

like YouTube Music is exclusive to US territories Until further notice, you’ll have to think outside the box to have the opportunity to download the app. By using a third-party platform like APKMirror, you will be able to access the file easily and reliably.

Youtube Music apk 2

Available in two downloadable versions, arm64 version if your terminal has 64-bit ARM processor, others regular broadcast.


After installation, if you start the application from the YTMusic icon on your desktop, you will see that it starts properly, it will warn you that the service is not accessible from where you are, just when you want to connect. So it’s time to take the next step.

YouTube Music Limited

YouTube Music Limited 2

Step 2: Move to the United States… almost

This second step is to make the YouTube Music service believe that you currently reside in Uncle Sam’s country, and to do so, a VPN app like TunnelBear would do the trick. Many apps allow this type of hacking and today we are going to use FlashVPN Proxy which is free in Play Store and has no data caps. But if you want to choose another one, we invite you to consult our best VPNs for Android.


After the app is properly installed, launch it (better). You will then be offered to take advantage of the ad-free paid version, do as you see fit at this level, the important thing is to get to the next screen. This will allow you to change your location. Select United States and then confirm.

FlashVPN setup

FlashVPN from you Confirm VPN connection. Press OK and wait for the connection to be established. A new screen should appear saying your location is set to United States. If you have trouble setting up your VPN, we have a super easy little tutorial that will show you how.

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Quit the app and restart YTMusic while keeping it in the background. The main screen of the service should now be different, plus to thank you for signing up for the service, YouTube Music offers 14-day trials on YouTube Red, perhaps the best streaming offer available, just to round off the ‘experience’. Remember to always have FlashVPN running when using YouTube Music.

YouTubeMusic 2


Here’s how easy access the brand new YouTube Music service Still inaccessible in Europe. Make your discoveries, test the app as you see fit before the official release. What do you think about this app?