YouTube: Enjoying sound without wasting your battery

Music streaming services are real gold mines that can offer their catalog of millions of titles for free, and more and more people are subscribing to them. However, not everything is necessarily available on these platforms. The richest cavern is still YouTube with rare pearls, musical or not.

One of the disadvantages of this platform stands out when we consult it on mobile devices. Despite the existence of a dedicated Android app for tablets and smartphones, do not tolerate the fact that we still lock our device while listening; It’s an annoying issue especially when you get the locking reflex after starting an album on Spotify or Deezer.

So, when we want to start a YouTube video with only an audio track, or the video content does not interest us, the terminal has to stay on the content page and gnaw up precious battery percentages – we can’t even imagine how good it is for 8K also videos. Today, a simple solution is available for you, called Black Screen Life (a nod to the Windows Blue Screen of Death), which turns off your screen as you continue reading. Thus, energy consumption will be reduced.

Completely free application Black Screen of Life, which works thanks to advertising, is not the most aesthetic version of the applications, but it will be perfectly appropriate in the evenings when you will broadcast music. Activate the app with the interface that looks made in Paint, start your YouTube playlist, and then put your smartphone in your pocket – without locking it – or put the screen in front of a surface because it blocks the proximity sensor and turns off the screen. will be allowed.

People who sign up for YouTube Music Key should already take advantage of this feature, but it’s only available through Google Play Music All Access. Still, Black Screen of Life is a simple, fast and effective trick to enjoy YouTube audio without straining your battery. See also how to speed up YouTube by enabling ExoPlayer.

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