Youtube doesn’t work? How to fix

Youtube is the world’s largest video sharing platform with the support of a large audience and long device lists. However, despite its enormous popularity, users are sometimes faced with a number of problems. There are many problems that Youtube has to solve, from the black screen to constantly intermediate memory and playing error. Still, you don’t have to worry if it doesn’t work on your youtube device. In this article, we found 15 different methods to correct most of the problems that do not. After saying that, let’s start the article without any delay.

Youtube doesn’t work? 15 Methods to correct problems in 2022

In this section, we talked about 15 ways to cope with a large number of Youtube problems. The steps are quite simple and you can easily solve them on your own. In addition, we have explained many steps to give you a better idea of ​​problems and corrections. Now let’s find the solution you want for you without further ado.

1. Check if youtube is closed

Before searching for a solution, check if youtube is closed in your area. Recently, youtube and many other online platforms, He faced global deductions due to high -volume network blockage. Therefore, if youtube does not work suddenly, it is probably closed for everyone. You can find the real -time status of Youtube here: here and here.

2. Clean cache, cookies and data

Sometimes the expired cookies or clogged application data do not allow youtube to work properly. In such cases, you need to clean cache data and cookies. Here is how to do.

1. Paste it to the desktop Chrome: // Settings/Clearbrowserdata Press the Chrome URL bar and the enter key. After that, select the cache and cookies, and then change the time interval to “all times .. Finally, click the “Clean Data” button.

2. Clean cache, cookies and data do not work on youtube

2. Tap the youtube application in Android long and open the “application information .. Here, go to storage and then Clear both data and cache.

2. Clean cache, cookies and data 2

3. in iOSYou cannot manually clean the cache, but you can delete and reinstall the application to start from the beginning without any problems.

3. Check out extensions

If youtube does not work on your computer, some Chrome extensions are likely to prevent access. Follow the steps below to find out if the extensions are culprit.

1. Open Chrome and Press “Ctrl + Shift + N” (Cmd+upper character for Mac+n) An instant and hidden window will open. Now open Youtube and see if you work. If so, some suspicious extensions are definitely a problem.

2. To remove such extensions chrome: // extensions/ Press the URL bar and the enter key. Here, review all extensions and remove those who have no idea about them.. Also, try to disable as many extensions as possible to determine the guilty extension.

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3. Check out extensions

4. Update Chrome and YouTube application

You may be using an old Chrome version or YouTube application that is not fully compatible with the latest version. In such cases, updating the application solves most of the problems.

1. Open Chrome on the desktop and paste Chrome: // Settings/Help in the address bar. Here, check the latest update and install it immediately.

4. Update Chrome and YouTube application

2. In Android and iOS, Open your relevant application store and update the youtube app. I hope he should solve the problem you encounter.

5. Check site settings

1. Paste chrome: // settings/content/javascriptEnter the T Chrome URL bar and make sure that the transition to Javascript is enabled. On desktop computers, Javascript is a necessity to properly operate YouTube.

5. Check Site Settings YouTube does not work

2. Similarly, paste Chrome: // Settings/Content/Sound Activate the passage of the address bar and sound settings. He will let Youtube play sound.

5. Check Site Settings 2

6. Check the proxy settings

Sometimes, even after removing the shaded extensions, some changes remain in force unless you manually reversed. Proxy setting is one of them that changes extensions and causes inaccessible websites. How to restore the proxy settings on your desktop is described below.

1. Paste Chrome: // Settings/System Enter the address bar and press Enter. Here, click “Disable” at the bottom of the Proxy Settings section. Now open Youtube and check if it works.

6. Check the proxy settings

7. Update the graphic driver

If you encounter black or green screen problems when playing Youtube videos, the problem is probably caused by a non -current graphic drive. Here is how to fix.

1. Press the “Windows” and “R” keys at the same time on Windows PC, and a small run window will open. Here, write Devmgmt.msc and press Enter.

7. Update the graphic driver

2. A device manager window will appear. Now, Double click on “Image Adapters” And it will expand. Here, right -click each lower menu and click “Update Driver”.

7. Update the Graphic Driver 2

3. Finally, Click on “Automatically Search” “ And it will start looking for the latest graphic driver from the internet. So keep your PC connected to the internet. After that, restart your computer and this time youtube should work smoothly.

7. Update the graphic driver 3 youtube does not work

8. Check hardware acceleration

Hardware acceleration is a great feature for playing YouTube in the best quality. Again, If your machine is old, it would be a better option to disable.. It allows you to play Youtube with good performance without any stuck or clogging.

However, if you have a strong computer, activate hardware acceleration. Open Chrome: // Settings/System In Chrome and you will find special settings.

8. Check hardware acceleration

9. Update Date, Clock and Zone

Most of the time, youtube does not work on the device due to the wrong time zone, date or regional adjustment and continues to show the installation sign. So the correction is simple, just synchronize the time with the right values ​​and let Youtube work again. Open the Settings page of your device and call the menu about time. Now, it makes changes and restarts your device, and I hope this time youtube works smoothly.

9. Update date, time and zone

10. Remove unknown applications

In addition to Chrome extensions, fraudulent applications may be uploaded to your PC that may cause problems against Youtube’s proper operation. The best way to deal with this problem is to remove unknown applications.

1. Open the Run window on Windows PC at the same time by pressing Windows and R keys at the same time. Here, Type “Appwiz.cpl” and press Enter.

10. Remove Unknown Applications Youtube does not work

2. After that, find the applications that you do not use frequently and remove them immediately.

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10. Remove unknown applications 2

3. You can also find harmful applications via Chrome. Chrome: // Paste Settings/Cleanup In the address bar and click the “Find” button. You can then remove the applications.

10. Remove Unknown Applications 3

11. Restore DNS

Domain name servers are a kind of telephone guide for the internet that holds a domain name directory and IP addresses. Sometimes, DNS is replaced on PCs, which causes a website not to work. Any amendment to the system level can make the web inaccessible, including Youtube. Therefore, follow the steps below to restore the DNS on Windows PCs.

4. Open the Run window again and Write “cmd” and press Enter.

11. Restore DNS

5. Here, type ipconfig /flushdns and press Enter. DNS will be restored to the default settings.

11. Restore DNS 2

Go here at MacOS: Applications → Auxiliary Programs → Terminal And paste the command below and press the ENTER key. MAC will ask for your password, enter and DNS cache will be successfully cleaned.

sudo killall -HUP mDNSResponder


12. Reset Network Settings

If youtube does not work on your device on your Android or iOS, You can try to activate the aircraft mode. After a while turn off the aircraft mode and check if Youtube is working. If not, you can completely reset the network settings.

one. In Android, Open the Settings page and reset the system -> options -> Wifi, Mobile and Bluetooth. Finally, tap the “Reset Settings” button.

12. Reset Network Settings

2. in iOS, Settings -> General -> Reset, and tap the bottom “Reset Network Settings” option. Now restart your smartphone and check if youtube is working.

12. Reset Network Settings 2

13. Update the operating system

It may not seem possible, but operating system updates can solve most of the problems on devices. Device manufacturers regularly force public updates aimed at eliminating various types of errors.. In addition, your device is renewed during the process with new installation and security patches. Therefore, if there is an update waiting on your smartphone or PC, continue and update it immediately. You can solve the Youtube problems you encounter on your device.

13. Update the operating system

14. Use a VPN

If youtube does not work at your school or college, it is very likely that the website is restricted by the competent authority. In similar cases, VPN can help you access youtube by tunneling the network to a different country. Also, if you live in a country where Youtube is blocked, VPN can help you get rid of geographical restriction. You can find the best free VPN services on our list here.

14. Use a VPN youtube does not work

15. Apply to your internet service provider

If none of the methods worked, your ISS may be wrong. ISSs are responsible for providing internet access, but they can also block access to certain websites from their ends. Therefore, you should do the following to solve the Youtube problem: Apply to your ISS and ask him to remove the restriction.

Watch these easy steps to correct any youtube problem

This was our article on how to solve the problems if youtube does not work properly. In order to find the solution you want to your problem, we have included a number of topics from fundamental to advanced level. It is not important that Youtube continues to take it in Arabel or show a black screen, we talked about various steps to solve problems. Anyway, that’s it for us. If we help you solve the problem, let us know in the comments section below.

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