Xbox One S 4K Guide: Features, Issues and Which TVs Should You Buy

Microsoft didn’t completely change the nature of the game when it launched the Xbox One S last June. No matter, Xbox One S 4K support is here and it’s a great reason to upgrade your living room experience. This feature offers better visuals in games and apps. Gamers also get an even more vivid picture when paired with a TV with HDR 10 support.

In the right conditions, the Xbox One S 4K resolution and features make HD video and games look bad side by side. But to get the most out of the Xbox One S 4K features, you need the right TV set.

Many televisions support 4K UltraHD content, but best 4K experience is possible. Of course, you also actually need the right kind of content. Not all video streaming apps on Xbox support 4K video. Another thing to consider is how much bandwidth your internet service provider allows you to consume in a month.

Here’s what you need to know about using the Xbox One S 4K features.

Xbox One S 4K Guide: Which TVs Should You Buy

Your journey to powering the Xbox One S 4K features begins with your TV set. If you don’t have one that supports 4K Ultra HD resolution, you’ll need one. Don’t be in a rush to look at sales ads, though. For the best possible picture, you don’t want to choose any 4K Ultra HD television.

While 4K UltraHD is a standard that guarantees a display has four times the resolution of a high-definition display, display manufacturers have implemented it in different ways. For example, some panels do not have the correct bitrate. Ideally, the television should also support HDR, but you don’t need it to unlock 4K resolution, just a wider color gamut.

A Samsung curved 4K TV.  Credits: Samsung.

A Samsung curved 4K TV. Credits: Samsung.

If you want all the features of the Xbox One S, you are looking for a TV that offers 4K 10-Bit 24hz processing and supports the HDR10 standard. If only getting 4K resolution is important to you, you can save money by buying it. A television with 4K 8-Bit processing and no HDR.

If you already have a 4K television, there is an easy way to find out about your display’s specs. Go to the Display Settings area of ​​the Settings app. Xbox One S will give you a breakdown of what standards your television supports and which ones it doesn’t, divided by apps and games.

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Which TVs Should You Buy for Xbox One S 4K?

This r/XboxOne Community Reddit has a list of all the recently announced TVs that fully support the Xbox One S’ 4K television standard.

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Notable units on the list are the 2016 versions of the LG OLED E6, LG UH9500, Samsung KS9800 and Vizio P-Series C1. 2015 models include the LG OLED EF95500, Samsung JS9500 and Sony X930C. Each of these televisions will set you back about $2,000. The cheapest on this list was the Sony X900C, available at Amazon for $1,547. Again, these are the TVs you want to stick with if you only need HDR10 and the best possible 4K experience. Cheaper 4K televisions will work with the Xbox One S, but not 10-Bit.

Xbox One S 4K Guide: Finding Content

When you find the right TV to unlock Xbox One S 4K capabilities, you need the right content.

Amazon, Netflix, and Hulu all have 4K streaming capability on the Xbox One S. 4K libraries are not as large as high definition content libraries. Amazon’s 4K library mostly consists of its own Netflix Originals programming. The same goes for Amazon and Hulu. Microsoft recently started selling 4K video content in its own Windows Store for streaming on Xbox One as well.

Skyrim Special Edition in native 4K.

Skyrim Special Edition in native 4K.

Microsoft says that when you find content from any of these services that aren’t in 4K resolution, the Xbox One S will upgrade it. No games on Xbox One S support native 4K resolution, but they are all upscaled.

If you want your Xbox One S to switch to 4K video only when there is content to support it, you can change the Settings in the Picture & Sound menu to HD. In the Advanced Settings menu there is an option to only allow 4K video when the piece of content you enjoy supports it.

If you have an internet service that forces you to watch how much data you consume, it’s a good idea to stick with physical 4K Blu-Ray DVDs. Comcast and some other major internet providers keep track of how much bandwidth you consume, but not limit you. Contact your service to find out what their policy is. Fortunately, Xbox One supports them. Don’t be surprised by the sticker shock though, they can run up to $29.99 per movie.

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Good luck with Xbox One S 4K video streams and gaming.

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