Windows 11: How to easily install Android apps in APK format

Although Windows 11 lets you install Android apps, the process isn’t easy yet. This possibility is mainly intended for users of the Windows Insider program, even if there is a cheat that allows installation. Windows Subsystem for Android using command lines. But and this is perhaps the most sensitive point, currently only Amazon Appstore is supported. The concern here is that the Amazon store is far from being as full as the Google Play Store.

Fortunately, it is possible to significantly increase the number of installable applications in Windows 11. As soon as the new operating system is introduced in June 2021, Microsoft has announced that Android apps will be . Enough to deliver several million Android apps to Windows 11. On the other hand, here too it is necessary to go through command lines as explained in our tutorial on installing Android apps via APK… Not very practical for those who are not yet familiar with Windows.

This app allows you to quickly install any APK file on Windows 11.

The good news is that there is now a small utility to handle the command lines required to install Android apps. Called WSA PacMan, this app is available for free on Github. We’ll assume you’ve already installed everything necessary to run it. Windows Subsystem for AndroidHere is how to easily install and enjoy Android APKs on .Windows 11:

  1. to save WSA PacManClick one of the links below.
    Download WSA PacMan (installer)

    Download WSA PacMan (portable version, no installation required)

  2. Install the program you just downloaded. If you chose the portable version, simply unzip the ZIP archive you recovered somewhere on your hard drive. During installation, leave the option checked for greater simplicity Associate WSA Package Manager with .apk file extension.
    How to Install Android APK Apps on Windows 11

  3. Then start the application Windows Subsystem for Android. check option developer mode if not already done.
    How to Install Android APK Apps on Windows 11

  4. Finally, open the WSA PacMan application. Finally, all options should be green (if you enabled developer mode in the previous step, the application can obtain the IP address of the virtual server).
    How to Install Android APK Apps on Windows 11

  5. All you have to do is download APK files from a site like APKPure, APKMirror or APKPure. Their startup and installation is automatically managed by WSA PacMan, you have almost nothing to do if their installation is not approved on your PC.
    How to Install Android APK Apps on Windows 11

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