Windows 10: How to fix a crashed computer

There are multiple reasons why your Windows 10 PC might crash. Most of the time, such inconveniences are caused by corrupt programs, victims of a bug, or using too much system resources. In some cases, the causes may be more obscure – for example cosmic rays bombarding the world permanently turn a little in living memory. Finally, some repeated crashes are a sign of hardware problems.

Windows 10: How to regain control of a crashed computer

For this, it is recommended that you always follow the same steps in order:

Sometimes regaining control of a PC… takes a while. We’re not talking about an unreasonable wait here – usually around thirty seconds is all it takes to form an opinion. Going to the next steps too fast can in some cases make the situation worse and cause you to lose your job (if you forgot to save…)

If you have identified the problematic application, try closing it normally by clicking The Cross or right-clicking the taskbar and clicking exit. If that doesn’t work, click on the open application window and at the same time Alt + F4.

If at this stage your PC or application is still blocked, you should open the task manager:

  • press at the same time Ctrl + Alt + Del
  • click Task Manager
  • click more details

The window that appears will show you a list of applications and processes and their CPU and memory usage.

  • Click the word CPU at the top of the column to have the list sorted from the most greedy app to the least.
  • Right click on the apps that consume the most CPU
  • click forced departure

If it didn’t fix the problem, you can repeat the process with the memory usage rate. If this isn’t really an app, but Windows desktop and taskbar looks blocked, don’t panic: look in the list for Windows Explorer or Windows Explorer process, right click and click restart.

Warning : when you force quit an app, you usually lose everything unsaved…

If your computer is still plugged in and you’re not afraid of losing your unsaved work (at this stage, it’s probably a waste of time, in any case…) try restarting the PC.

It is assumed that you have already unsuccessfully attempted to do this normally via the menu. To start :

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power 1

  • press at the same time Boiler + L
  • Restart from the login screen

power 2

  • press at the same time Ctrl + Alt + Del
  • Click the On/Off icon at the bottom right, and then restart

power 3

Does nothing work anymore?

  • Press and hold the physical On/Off button on your computer for a few seconds until it turns off.

This method is clearly not the “cleanest” and we recommend using it only as a last resort. In case a blue screen of death is displayed, however, this will be the only solution left.

Windows 10: How to make the computer crash less

If your PC crashes only occasionally and you can use it 95% of the time without pulling your hair out, there’s no reason to go any further. Occasional crashes are normal on consumer machines and are usually caused by minor bugs or turn a little If your computer does not have ECC memory. On the other hand, if this kind of problem occurs frequently, there must be something wrong.

Before you start, Don’t forget to update everything, especially your drivers and your motherboard’s BIOS/EFI (if applicable).

If nothing works, follow these steps in order:

Integrated into Windows, this tool provides a starting point for further research on the Internet. It allows you to view the accidents chronologically and can point you in one direction. For example, the program may indicate that your hard drive has crashed (a sign that it probably needs replacing). History also shows when you installed system updates, which in some cases may cause you to roll back.

To access this tool:

  • Click the search field next to it. start menu
  • start typing reliability
  • click View Reliability History

We told you above that the crash could be caused by a corrupt program, malware, adware, or any other type of malware. You can perform a quick scan with Windows Defenderhowever, to be 100% sure that no program is threatening your computer, we recommend refreshing the process with free third-party solutions such as the ones below. Stop and malware bytes.

A PC whose CPU and GPU get too hot can crash, and also dirt causes bad contacts on your motherboard. Whether it’s your desktop tower or your laptop, it’s usually easy to open for cleaning.

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Gently clean the motherboard, especially without the fluid and taking your time. Disconnect and reconnect the RAM. Pay particular attention to removing dust from the fans (eg, by lightly wiping with a dry cotton swab). If possible, optimize heat transfer between the CPU, GPU and associated cooling solutions by replacing thermal pastes.

Sometimes the only solution is to start from scratch. Backup your data first, then:

  • Click the search field next to it. start menu
  • start typing Reset
  • click reset this computer

If this reset method crashes or doesn’t work, we recommend following this tutorial to create installation media and install from the DVD you burned or from a bootable USB key.

We highly recommend you All-in-One System Recovery Toolkit Burn it to a CD or insert itself into a bootable USB key. You can download its ISO directly from this link. Specifically test CPU, Graphics card, RAM and HDD/SSD. In case of a problem, you will know if you need to replace one or more components to find a more pleasant user experience.

before calling Ghost Hunters, there is already an observation: with a reset of your PC, the software causes are now gone. There’s obviously one or more hardware issues that you haven’t detected. If you have less than 8GB of RAM and your HDD/SSD is more than 3-4 years old, you could probably try adding some RAM* and changing the storage device.

* Make sure the module types installed in all slots are the same and the RAM frequency is compatible with your motherboard and processor, risking causing more crashes!

However, after this stage, if the problems persist, it is best to contact a mechanic and explain to him all the steps you have already taken.

Did this guide help you? Do you know any other tips not listed here? Share your views in the comments!