Windows 10: How to find the product or activation key

Before we move on to the explanations regarding the recovery of this famous activation key, we will explain it first. what is this for. This is a code represented by numbers and letters that proves that your Windows 10 installation is genuine and thus indeed an official license. You can get it in your hands in various ways.

Windows 10: Where is the product or activation key?

how to find windows-product key

if you have purchased PC, tablet or computer Windows 10 has a sticker on the device. However, this is not always the case, and if for some reason it is absent, fortunately it can be found by other means. If you bought Windows 10 directly from the store, the key is on the packaging, but if you bought it from the web, then you were sent a confirmation email with the famous code.

Windows 10: extract the code from the operating system

windows 10 activation key

This is undoubtedly the easiest and most effective way to achieve your goals. By downloading ProduKeyYou will be able to obtain the product key for certain software, including Windows 10.

  • Once installed, the application will find product keys, including those for Windows.
  • To view your code, simply click “Windows 10”. Real child’s play.
windows 10 activation key

Another method should also be considered, but it must be recognized that it does not work in many cases. command prompt of Windows. It’s very simple to access.

  • Simply type “CMD” in the “Type here to search” box.
  • Medicine wmic bios getting serial number then press enter
  • That’s it, but if nothing is visible or you are getting an error message instead of the code then you will have to opt for the ProductKey which works every time.


It’s worth mentioning that Microsoft has the trace of your Windows 10 activation code. In theory, when your Windows 10 PC is activated after a possible reinstallation, it doesn’t need the key for authentication by Microsoft. However, in case of big change eg hardware, processor or motherboard, if there is a problem with activation, you will need to contact customer service, which can play a key role.

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