Why and How to Turn Off Pokémon GO In-App Purchases

Mobile video game feel Pokémon GO gathered the fans of the series in droves. In just a few days, the game managed to break the records of other games in Apple’s iTunes Store. He did this using a classic trick from the mobile game developer’s handbook. Pokémon GO There is no cover charge. It can be used for free by anyone who has a device that can run it. To achieve this, developer Niantic used another trick in the mobile game developer’s handbook. Pokémon Go in-app purchases allow Niantic Labs, The Pokémon Company and Nintendo to profit from players.

You are probably already familiar with in-app purchases. Some productivity apps use in-app purchases to unlock advanced features that free users don’t have. For example, some photo apps charge users for the latest filters and visual effects. Better than offering a free trial as players can try the app or game forever and add whatever they want. Pokémon Go In-app purchases allow users to get additional PokeBalls, Lures and character upgrades between different levels.

The problem is, Pokémon GO a big hit with more than adults. Millions of children and young people play Pokémon GO with his friends and family. An account is required to download apps from the Google Play Store and iTunes Store. Apple heavily encourages iPhone owners to provide a credit card when setting up their account for in-app purchases. Those who are not careful may eventually make money by giving their children unlimited access to their credit cards. Pokémon GO In-app purchases.

Fortunately, you can turn off Pokémon Go in-app purchases. Here’s how to do it.

Before Pokémon Go Turns Off In-App Purchases

Before we get started, there are some important things to note about turning off Pokémon Go in-app purchases.

First, there is no way to turn off in-app purchases specifically for a single game. Instead, iOS, the operating system that iPhones, iPads, and iPod Touch run, relies on a comprehensive policy for them. to disable them pokemon GO, you will need to disable them in every game and app. Fortunately, doing this seems logical. If you don’t trust your child to buy something in a game, it makes sense not to trust other apps and games that offer easy ways to spend money on in-game items.

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Second, the fastest and easiest way to disable in-app purchases is to do so from the device itself. Make sure the iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch of the device you want to disable Pokémon GO In-App purchases is turned on. If the device has a pin code on it, you will need that pin code.

Device-level blocking is useful if you have young children who aren’t smart enough to find the setting or don’t know their own password. iOS also includes more detailed settings for Parental Control. Must Be Mobile guides users by setting them. How to Set Up iPhone Parental Controls and Content Filtering.

If your child is playing Pokémon GO On an Android device, try the steps outlined in our Add Password to Google Play Store step.

Closing Purchases

Turn on the iOS powered device you want to disable Pokémon GO in-app purchases are on. If there is a passcode on the device, you must enter that passcode.

Search for the app on the iOS home screen. In our example, it’s on the first page of the home screen. Depending on how your child customizes their device, it may be on another page, so if you don’t see it, swipe right to see other pages.

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Inside the Settings app, find the section and tap on it.

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In the general settings list, scroll down until you see Restrictions lets you set limits on what an iOS device does.

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Now enter the passcode of that device. You may be prompted to create a passcode for the device if you haven’t already.

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Find In-App Purchases in the list of available options and toggle the switch. While you can hear it, you may also want to limit your child’s ability to do other things on their device. For example, might it not be in their best interest to have the ability to install and uninstall applications? Their keys will lock these options. Additionally, you can block built-in apps that you don’t want them to access. Pokémon GO in-app purchases in general.

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Now press the Home button to exit the Settings app and you are done.

To be clear, your child will still be able to earn PokeCoins. pokemon GO, They will not be able to use your credit card to purchase PokeCoins directly or purchase items they have not earned through leveling up.

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