WhatsApp: how to make a video call between friends

WhatsApp has become the most popular messaging app with over a billion users, but it still lacks a few features. Among them is the ability to make video calls, even if the next update looks like it will fix it. By the way, there is already an app that allows this.

Responding to the sweet name of Booyah and not booya or paint as the app’s publisher explains, it’s free and will let you spend it. Video calls with your WhatsApp contacts Who will have downloaded the app?

There is nothing simpler to use the application, you download the application via Playstore, install it, it will ask you Access your WhatsApp contacts and from there you can start a video call. In terms of other entitlements, it remains classic with camera, microphone and logical access to Wifi and cellular data.


How can I make a video call?

application it’s really simple on this side, here’s what you need to do:

  • start the application
  • Choose someone who has the app or send a link to download Booyah
  • Start a video call

And that’s it, admit it, it’s simple. Video calls are pretty good quality from what I’ve experienced.

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How do I make a multi-party video call?

Booyah lets you video call with one person on WhatsApp, as well as make group video calls with several friends, until 12! Thanks to the link that the application provides you when starting a video call, you will be able to directly add additional people in the call.

Also note that the app supports contacts from your default messaging app. facebook messengerTwitter and Line.

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