What to Do When iPhone Won’t Turn On

You just took the iPhone out of your pocket and it won’t turn on.

A dead iPhone is a scary thought, but don’t go crazy yet.

If your iPhone won’t turn on or respond, it may not be broken.

Here’s what to do if your iPhone won’t turn on.

If iPhone won’t turn on, here are some steps to try and fix.

take a closer look

First, give the iPhone a physical exam. Look at this and see if there is any physical damage to the device. After examining it, determine whether you are the cause of the malfunction. If no physical damage has been done to the device, here are a few steps to try and fix the problem.

Feel the device and determine if the device is unusually hot or cold. If the back of the device is warm or colder than normal where the battery is, let the temperature return to normal. Usually there is no message to display if the iPhone is too hot to turn on but too cold.

This is a common cause of iPhones that won’t turn on after the owner is outside in extreme weather conditions or when the phone is left in the car in the heat or cold.

Once the phone returns to normal temperature, try turning it on. If the phone still won’t turn on, plug it into a wall charger for 45 minutes to an hour with the official Apple charger and cable.

This will give the battery a chance to recharge should it overheat or run out.

If all else fails, take the phone back to Apple. If there is no physical damage, you can sometimes get a new one for $150. If you have a warranty through Square Trade, Apple Care+, or your wireless carrier, start there.

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