What to Do When iPad Won’t Turn On

Most of us rely heavily on our iOS devices to do common daily tasks such as waking up, reminding us of meetings, or many other things that have become second nature to us. While our devices do a great job of keeping us up to date, electronics can and do fail, which can spell disaster for some.

Apple products are known for their reliability, but there are times when they can fail. If you find yourself in a situation where iPad can’t open, stay calm as you can fix it in a few easy steps. You can fix the problem and avoid going to the Apple Store by performing a simple diagnostic on the device. Follow this guide to learn what to do when iPad won’t turn on.

Review iPad

Give iPad a good physical exam to help you get an idea of ​​what’s wrong with your device. Look for dents, new scratches or anything unusual on the device. If you find any anomalies, that might help explain why the iPad won’t turn on. If you can’t find any damage after examining the iPad, there are a few more things to try.

Check the Temperature

Another item to check on the iPad is how hot the device is. Sometimes leaving the device on charge or in the sun for too long can cause it to overheat. If you see a message like the one below, move the device away from the charger or heat source and let it cool.

Overheating iPad

It is important to allow the iPad to cool completely to avoid further damage to the device. This message will disappear when the device has cooled down enough, and then you can try to turn on the iPad again.

charge iPad

Another obvious area to check is if the iPad has a good full charge. Use the official iPad charger and cable to make sure the battery is charging properly and after about an hour check to see if the device can turn back on. By allowing up to an hour, this will give the iPad a good chance of getting a charge if that’s the problem behind it actually not turning on.

Go to an Apple Store

If all else fails, go to the Apple Store to help them fix your iPad. If the iPad has no physical or water damage, you can sometimes get a replacement or have the iPad repaired for a reasonable price. While this will solve your problem, use this as a last call as it will be the most expensive option. Also, check with Apple Care, Square Trade, or your wireless carrier to help resolve the issue.

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