What Should You Do If You Forgot Your iPhone Passcode?

Here is a guide on what to do if you forget your iPhone Passcode.

Definitely because we use our smartphones for many important daily uses such as banking, online shopping and business operations.

It’s every iPhone’s front doors (if enabled) and often the stopping point for any security breach.

However, there is a time or situation where the phone tries to get back to your own phone and the passcode does not work. There are a few steps you should take if you find yourself locked out of your iPhone before you have to lose all your information right away.

What Should You Do If You Forgot iPhone Passcode?

Here is a guide on the steps to take if you forget your iPhone passcode.

Watch the video above to learn what to do if your iPhone Passcode is locked.

Try Any Latest Code

I hope you forget your password because you and I are just typing the old code. If this is the case and the phone is currently restricted in any way due to too many tries, wait for it to refresh and try your new code.

If you are sharing the device with any family members or friends, ask if they have changed the password. There have been many times when the password was accidentally (or intentionally) changed or added, often causing quite a panic in their parents.

Making sure the code has not been physically modified is a good first step before committing to any fixes.

Restore to Previous Backup

If the password issue has occurred recently, try to restore the device with iTunes and remove the .


If you are using iCloud to back up your phone, you must have a fresh backup from the last 24 hours, otherwise you can try using it. iTunes also logs backups by date; so if you have backed up with your computer, check if there is a date that you are sure the password works.

If you are able to get into the device after restoring the previous backup, you should make sure to make another backup soon now that the device is working again.

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Restore Phone

Since the password is a security measure, it exists by traditional means. There may be a solution if the phone is jailbroken, but most iPhone users do not currently have a jailbreak installed on their device.

The only way to crack a password is if any of the previous methods fail. Apple Stores and other service providers will do so when presented with a locked device. By plugging the phone into iTunes, the unit can be restored to reset the unit without the need for a password. All and unrecoverable.

Restore Phone

This security feature is to protect personal data in case the phone is stolen and cannot be easily unlocked or removed. Its importance is obvious when the phone may need to be restored for such a reason.

Using iCloud or iTunes on a device will ensure that there are no issues should the phone’s data be wiped or lost or stolen.

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