What is an App Library and How to Use it in iOS 14

A fully customizable Home screen similar to that found on Android devices has long been the envy of many iOS users (including me). While Android-style Home screen customization on iOS may still take some time, the introduction of elegant widgets and the App Library could be a sign of something really big. If you’re wondering what App Library is and how to use it in iOS 14, you’re in the right place to start!

How to Use App Library in iOS 14

Sometimes, finding specific apps out of a ton of apps installed on the device becomes a bit of a chore, especially when the app in question is one that you don’t use more often. While you can manually sort apps into different folders for easier navigation, this has never been the best choice for everyone. Definitely not for those who prefer to have automation to get things done faster with minimal fuss.

That’s where the Application Library comes in! Here are the topics we will cover in this article. You can quickly jump to the sections you want by clicking the links.

Understanding the Application Library

The App Library is a new area at the end of the Home screen with all the apps. automatically organized by different categories such as social, creativity, entertainment, reference and reading, productivity, games, utilities, health and wellness, education and others.

At the top of the Application Library are two very useful categories such as: Suggestions and Recently Added. iOS keeps track of your usage and places your most used apps from different categories in Suggestions for quick access. Recently Added includes App Clips and apps you have recently installed on your device.

Just above the App Library is a search bar that lets you search for a specific app. So the next time you want to dive straight into an app that seems to be overlooked, be sure to activate this speed dial.

View All Your Apps in List View

There are several ways to view all your apps in list view. It lists all apps in alphabetical order, which makes it a little easier to quickly look at the apps installed on your device.

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List View in Application Library

You can swipe down from the middle of the screen or tap the search bar at the top of the App Library to enter the list view. As someone who has always appreciated watchOS’s list view, I found it quite a nice app as it makes navigation very easy.


Delete Apps Directly from App Library

Deleting unwanted apps in the App Library is pretty simple. So, if you no longer want to use certain apps while viewing apps, you can easily delete them. Simply tap the middle of an app category to expand the view. If you want to delete a single application, touch and hold application. Next, tap on Uninstall App in the contextual menu and then tap on it. To delete In the pop-up window to confirm.

Delete apps in App Library

If you want to delete more apps, touch and hold the blank screen to enter the shake mode that allows you to organize the apps. Next, tap on “X” Click the uninstall button in the upper-left corner of an app, and then To delete In the pop-up window to confirm.

Hide Home Pages

One of my favorite iOS 14 features is the ability to hide Home screen pages. Not only does it let you keep a certain page out of sight, it also plays a good role in keeping the Home screen clutter-free.

  1. All you need to do to organize the Home screen on your iOS 14 device touch and hold a blank screen. Now, tap on horizontal dots along the bottom of the screen.

Horizontal dots at the bottom

2. You should now see all the Home screen pages. uncheck the box Make sure to tap on the home screen page you want to hide. Completed in the upper right corner to confirm the change.

Edit home screen

Request! Check, the home screen page is now hidden.

Show Home Screen Pages

If you want to show a specific Home screen page, touch and hold blank screen -> horizontal dots. Now, check the box for the page you want to see again on the home screen.

Show home screen pages

Get the Most Out of the App Library in iOS 14

So you can make the most of the amazing App Library on your iOS 14 device. This is one of the highlights of the latest iteration of iOS. And rightly so, for making navigation a simple matter. Stay tuned to stay tuned as we explore all the hidden features of iOS 14 like Back Tap and Voice Recognition features. Also, don’t forget to share any nice features you might encounter.

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