What is an APK file on Android?

You finally have your own Android phone and start exploring the fun. personalization the thrust of your system. However, a few searches on the Internet will allow you to discover a world that may seem complicated at first glance.

In addition, the Moyens I/O team is on a mission to explain everything to you in the smallest detail, using the simplest possible words and concepts. But after discovering the usefulness and meaning of ADB and Fastboot, maybe it’s time to get back to the basics so they’re solid.

What is APK? It is a kind of small digital box containing all the necessary files for install application on Android. If you’re more familiar with Windows, know that the principle is the same as for an “.exe” file in the latter.

When you start it on Android, it will introduce itself to the system, give its name, a brief description of what it is and what it needs. If you install it, it will unzip to unzip its archive. important files it tells you where it is before the system shuts down so it loads the app into the phone’s internal memory.

When you download an application from the Play Store, it will download and install this APK file without you knowing it. However, you can install them yourself.

In the latter case, be careful because Google app store is safe when files browsing the internet are not safe. To avoid infecting your Android smartphone with viruses, follow our advice and be mindful of the sources from which you download apps.

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