WeTransfer: how to send large files for free

Most generous email services don’t allow you to send more than 50MB of data per attachment like Gmail does. When the need to send large files arises, you should turn to specialized platforms such as: WeTransfer this is free and does not require an account to be created. Files can be sent to 20 recipients simultaneously with an email notification with a download link.

Send heavy files with WeTransfer

WeTransfer in its free version send files whose total size does not exceed 2 GB. You can attach several files at once, be it photos, videos, documents or archives (Zip, Rar). If the total weight exceeds the 2GB limit, it is still possible to send in several waves. Note that it is impossible to copy files larger than 4GB to Fat 32 formatted media, although WeTransfer’s paid plan limits the limit to 20GB.

To send large files, start by going to: WeTransfer.com website. Everything is presented intuitively in the box on the left of the interface:

  • Click on the “+” icon and add your files from local drive or external media
  • Enter the recipients’ addresses in the field just below, then yours in the next field
  • A little message to send with the files? Enter in the last field and then Click the transfer button
WeTransfer sends large files

If you prefer to share files as a direct link, simply click on the three-dot icon located to the left of the “Upload” button. The default option is “email”. Check the “Link” box then click the “Download” button to get a URL that links directly to the download page. Finally, files are only kept on WeTransfer servers for 7 days. After this time, they are automatically deleted. Receivers should therefore not be worn for too long.

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