Using the Samsung Galaxy S4 as a Flashlight

The Samsung Galaxy S4 has an impressive 13-megapixel camera and a bright LED flash that comes in handy for more than just taking pictures.

Earlier this week we explained how to use the Galaxy S4 flash for alerts and notifications, but today we’re focusing on using it as a dedicated flashlight. This is a feature many smartphone owners use, but if you’ve ever wondered how to simply and quickly activate the LED flash for a flashlight on the Galaxy S4, read on for easy instructions and a one-tap solution.

The Samsung Galaxy S4 camera flash is powerful enough to easily double as a bright flashlight for finding your keys on a dark night, looking under the sofa or in a dark closet, or even when you’re out camping and need a light. Samsung Galaxy devices have an easy toggle to activate the camera in seconds instead of launching and opening it, and here’s how to use it.


You’ll need to add a widget to your home screen to activate this cool feature with one tap, but it’s really easy. Widgets act as shortcuts or one-click solutions to instantly launch apps or services on our Android devices from the home screen. Instead of finding the app in a list or going through the settings.

Users need to go to the App Tray by tapping the apps icon at the bottom right of the screen, select the “Widgets” tab at the top of the screen, then scroll through your widgets until they find the “Assistant Light widget”. SAMSUNG.

auxiliary lights

Select it and add it to your desired home screen as shown in the photo on the right and you have now made a flashlight widget. One tap on it will instantly fire your camera’s flash for those moments when a flashlight is needed, and all you have is your trusty Samsung Galaxy S4.

There are also tons of additional options in the Google Play Store that offer different functions, auto-off timers so you don’t drain your battery, and even SOS flashing and more. Our personal favorite is the light-free Tiny Flashlight + LED. Google Play store. When you add this widget you have tons of options to choose from, not to mention it’s smaller and prettier than the big square icon Samsung used above.

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Flashlight HD LED Another great option from the Google Play Store. All of these can be added to your home screen as a quick widget to toggle camera flash with one tap, using the same instructions detailed above.

The next time you need a flashlight and all you have is your Samsung Galaxy S4, run any of the aforementioned apps or widgets and you’ll instantly have plenty of light for as long as you need it. Note that this may drain your battery, so use with caution.