Using Google Now on iPhone

If you’re not a big fan of Siri, here’s how to use Google Assistant on iPhone.

Apple’s virtual assistant that ships with the iPhone is called Siri, and it lets you issue voice commands to your iPhone for various actions, such as telling Siri to set an alarm or even searching the web for an answer to a question.

This is a feature that aims to save a lot of time so you don’t have to navigate your iPhone to perform an action, instead just tell Siri and she can do it.

But Siri isn’t the only virtual assistant available to iPhone owners. Google Assistant can also be used by iOS users, and many people, including me, have started using it through Siri.

Many users find that Google Assistant can work slightly better than Siri in several ways; So, if you’re pretty disappointed with Siri, here’s how to use Google Assistant on iPhone instead.

What’s wrong with Siri?

While Apple’s vision of Siri has been prominent since Siri’s launch a few years ago, the virtual assistant simply hasn’t quite kept up with the hype.

It’s great to do basic tasks like setting reminders, setting alarms, and even calling someone, but more advanced commands seem like something Siri messes with. Heck, even the basic questions you ask Siri can confuse her.

Things like asking Siri what the weather will be like may not actually give you the airor ask him when a certain date will be reveal something completely different and irrelevant.

This is where Google Assistant can be great.

Using Google Now on iPhone

While somewhat subjective, I believe Google Assistant is much better at handling questions than Siri. Siri is great with iOS-based commands as it’s tightly integrated with iOS, but that’s about it.


If you tend to use Siri mostly for web searches and getting answers to questions, you might be better off getting started with Google Assistant, and here’s how to use it on iPhone.

First, you will want to download free Google app from the App Store.

Once downloaded, simply complete the setup process and sign in to your Google account. It should be self-explanatory as Google makes it easy to get started.

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After you’ve setup, a search box will appear on the app’s home screen for you to type a search query, or you can tap the microphone to make a voice search. Below you will show your Google Assistant cards, which work very similarly to Android. You can customize your Google Assistant cards by tapping your name at the top and then selecting .

Google Assistant can provide you with notifications about upcoming events from your Gmail or Google Calendar, and it can also provide you with sports scores and stock information.


Of course, using Google Assistant on iPhone is not a completely better solution than Siri, and there are some downsides to using it.


For starters, Google Assistant can’t integrate into iOS, so if you say something like “set an alarm for 10am tomorrow” it won’t be able to do that or “set a 10-minute timer”.

Also, you can’t open it with Siri, which only requires a long press on the home button, and activate it as fast as you can. If you’re jailbroken, you can set an Activator action for a long press on the home button to open the Google Assistant app and then turn off Siri in settings, but you still have to hit the microphone icon before you can say it. a command.

Still, I think Google Assistant is a better option if you tend to only use Siri for web searches and asking questions. Otherwise, if you mostly use Siri for iOS-related tasks, you might be better off sticking with it for now.

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