Uninstall Native Apps from iOS 10

Here is a guide on how to uninstall many native Apps out of stock on your iPhone. Over the years Apple has added multiple Apps to iOS that many users do not use, and you can finally remove them.

There are many Apps that are ideal for the new iPhone, including users like Tips, but owners who upgrade their iPhone every year may want to use that storage elsewhere. With iOS 10, Apple added support for removing some of these apps from the phone and being able to download them again when needed.

Uninstall Native Apps from iOS 10

Here are the steps on how to remove some of the App content included in iOS 10.

Watch the video above for more information on how to delete and re-download Native Apps from new iOS.

Delete Unused Native Apps

As mentioned, there is multiple applications takes up space on many iPhone users’ devices and most deleted or changed now with third party solutions. Here are the apps that can be deleted from your iPhone and downloaded again later:

For to delete these are you role play same task as you would for any App. Faucet and keep on the App icon until the screen starts to pop up. shake. tap the X You will be asked to confirm that you want to Uninstall the App, appearing in the upper left corner. will let you know about your ability. download Again from the App Store if needed.

How to Restore a Deleted Native App

When we uninstall any of these locally installed Apps we can get any of them back as long as we have a connection to the app. Internet over Application Shopping centre. To find an app you’ve deleted, search for it as you would any other app.

For example, because we forgot that we need the Reminders app, we need to download it again. Call Search for Reminders and Reminders in the App Store.

If you’re not familiar with what the icon looks like, look at the developer and you should see Apple listed. download Add the app back to your local library and you’ll be able to use Reminders again.


This process can be repeated for none between frontEstablished applications listed above and will be very helpful for users who no longer want to use some of Apple’s design practices and perhaps prefer something third-party. There is also the aforementioned benefit. Additional Space. If you delete all the native apps you don’t use, you’ll have more room for the apps you make!

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This is an excellent and much needed new feature of iOS, as the need for more storage becomes more apparent with new systems that require more from developers. Visual content is growing and size and storage often gets tough on older devices, so this new feature is a great way to manage your space more efficiently.

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