Tutorial: How to speed up your Android smartphone in seconds

The latest high-end Android smartphones may be ultra-fast, but it’s always possible to do better and speed up your machine’s performance as much as possible. The simplest tricks are sometimes the most effective and not without the simplicity that we are going to present you today, because it does not require root or installing a third-party application, it just takes your attention and a few seconds. .

If you want to speed up your Android smartphone ? All you have to do is to read and apply the following using our tutorial after enabling developer mode.

Speed ​​up your Android smartphone in 10 seconds!

see you on the menu Settings > Developer Options from your terminal

speed up android smartphone

Scroll down to the menu “Trace”then you will see the options appear:

  • Windows animation scale
  • Transition animation scale
  • Animation duration scale

speed up android smartphone

Go to the three options presented in a row and replace the current value with x0.5 (or x.5 on some terminals).

speed up android smartphone

The new setting is now active and any neither reboot nor verify.

Concretely, this manipulation consists of: speed up all transitions and effects related to animations. Therefore it is safe for your device and does not affect the battery because it doesn’t use hardware acceleration.

So the trick is limited to taking less time for animations or transitions. Some sort of hidden option that doesn’t strain the CPU or GPU any more than it normally does but will still render your smartphone is a little faster and that is always appreciated.

It’s also a kind of trompe-l’oeil effect, whose earnings will be random from one smartphone to the next, but always working and accessible to any user.

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