Tutorial: how to secure and protect your passwords

We are never careful enough when it comes to internet security. There should ideally be a unique password for each service you use. But how do we keep it all? This is where Dashlane comes into play. application a password manager with significant possibilities. Follow the leader !

The selected app Dashlane is free and fully functional for basic use, the person we will detail. But it is of course possible to sync all devices, including computers, provided you pay for a paid option of 30 euros per year. Its principle is simple, all your identifiers are encrypted in AES-256 (a bit like emails in Gmail from another domain).


  • Download and Install DashlaneAvailable on Play Store.

Google Play store

How do you protect your passwords with Dashlane?

  • Start Dashlane. You will then be presented with a master password. Choose wisely because it will give access to all your passwords and no one can send it back to you if it is lost.
Dashlane and password setup
  • After the account is created, a new window will ask you to enter your initial passwords.
  • touch it then services you use then enter your login ID and password.
Adding Dashlane and websites
  • You can repeat this step as many times as you need.

How can you make your passwords visible in Dashlane?

  • The app has a navigation pane around the edges, it needs to be opened.
Dashlane and main menu
  • To choose password.
  • Tap one of the saved sites to access its file.
Dashlane and a list of websites
  • From there, just tap the little padlock icon to find the password.
  • don’t touch the same settings and Edit in the top right, it is possible to change the password for the service in question.

How to browse the web from Dashlane

  • To touch internet browser.
Dashlane and web browser
  • Surfing from Dashlane isn’t crazy, but it lets you navigate to registered services, or even add new ones, with a pre-filled username and password. Useful, isn’t it?


As you can see, Dashlane is simple, efficient, and powerful for basic use. The premium offer is there to go further. But remember, a perfect password consists of special characterscapital letters and numbers.

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And above all, avoid words that are vulnerable to dictionary attacks. Dashlane can also generate passwords that are considered strong enough within the application. Think about it!

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