Tutorial: How to run your Android apps on Windows, MacOS and Linux

Last Friday, we announced that it was possible. Launching Android applications on Windows, MacOS and Linux operating systems. Today we offer you better with a tutorial to perform the operation. It’s up to you to enjoy playing Candy Crush using Android, Feedly on mobile, and a few other prerequisites thanks to Chrome, each one crazier than the next, and which we’ll detail below.

Let’s remember very quickly that the ability to launch APKs from the Android world in a Google Chrome session was discovered by Vladikoff, who is improving the method every day. The limitations mentioned in the previously published article are mostly outdated (for example, the limit of four simultaneous apps). If you have the right tools and If you follow our guide, the process will become easier.. It should be noted that the method (presented here for Ubuntu) is generally valid for all operating systems.

Run your Android apps on Windows, MacOS or Linux

Note that the processes described here are not sensitive and there is absolutely no risk to your machine. The manipulations are also within everyone’s reach with the tools used since Friday. To get there, you just have to follow every step well.


  • Have at least 37 and 64 bit versions of Google Chrome. available here.
  • download ARCHon 1.1 – Intel x86 64-bit or higher follow this link.
  • Install NodeJS at: Click here.

Launch Android apps on Windows, MacOS or Linux

  • Make sure you install Google Chrome from: 64-bit version.
  • Open ARChon 1.1 wherever you want.
  • Go to Chrome extensions by typing in the URL field:


  • Here, tick developer modeThen Install unpackaged extension…

Android apps in Google Chrome

  • Next, you need to select the folder where you unpacked ARChon 1.1 and not worry about any error messages.

Android apps in Google Chrome

  • Next, you should learn how to convert an Android app to APK format so that it can be used in Chrome. We are using ChromeOS-APK. And we need previously downloaded NodeJS to use it. Install the second one that corresponds to your operating system.
  • Once installed, Recover ChromeOS-APK with this command, npm (Don’t forget to add sudo before if you are using Linux):
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npm install -g chromeos-apk@latest

  • You should then get the installation file of an Android application in APK format. To recover someone from your Android device, you can use: APK Installer. After transferring the APK file to your PC or Mac, use the following command, replacing the filename with the actual name:

chromeos-apk filename.apk

  • Then a directory with all useful files is created on the computer. Go back to Chrome’s extensions and restart an unpackaged extension by selecting the resulting app’s folder as the extension. If the operation goes well. then it will be possible launch said app directly from the extensions tab in Chrome.

Android apps in Google Chrome

Android apps in Google Chrome

Android apps in Google Chrome

good luck to youuse your favorite apps directly in a Chrome session. The example presented here is with Candy Crush (as well as Speed ​​Test), but many titles are compatible with this method. Feel free to try it and let us know your impressions in the comments.