Tutorial: How to install Android L on HTC One M7

With the latest announcements in Android L, expectations for Google’s new operating system are growing. First alpha versions released but reserved for developers and omniscient craftsmen who don’t mind getting their hands dirty to stay up to date with the latest news. And so far it’s mostly reserved for products in the Nexus lineup, including the Nexus 4 that was announced a few days ago.

You have HTC One M7, you really want to explore the new interface of Android L and don’t want to wait for the final version scheduled for a maximum of 90 days after the official release? Well, thanks to the xda-developers forums, it is now possible to install the developer version of the operating system on your smartphone.

Install Android L preview on HTC One M7

First of all you should knowsuch a maneuver is neither easy nor risky. The installed Android L version is neither 100% stable nor a perfectly optimized alpha version.

know more than that several Android features are currently unavailable this is in development: so you have no WiFi, no Bluetooth, no mobile data management. Sensors will not work outside of GPS like the camera. Finally, sound management is also not yet supported.

Therefore, it is imperative that you make a backup of your previous Android version before starting the installation. Neither Moyens I/O nor the author of this article can be held responsible for any damage that may occur to your device.


  • Your HTC One M7 must be rooted.
  • Make a complete backup of your data using our tutorial.
  • Download the system image for your device from: this link.

Installing Android L on Nexus 5 and 7

  • Download the custom ROM from the previous link but unzip it.
  • Connect your HTC One M7 to your computer using the USB cable, copy the archive there and disconnect the USB cable from your PC.
  • Close the terminal and Restart in Recovery Mode.
  • Wipe the system and clear the cache. Go to advanced settings in main menu and wipe dalvik cache.
  • Select “Install zip from SD card” and then “Choose zip from SD card”.
  • Select System Image ROM and with a flash.
  • Restart your phone (the maneuver should take 10 to 15 minutes)

In case of problems during reboot, return to Recovery Mode menu and wipe data and cache partition.

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Here, the developer version of Android L is installed on HTC One M7, you can start enjoying its many new features!


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