Tutorial: how to find, lock or reset a lost or stolen smartphone

If there’s one thing that bothers you, it’s losing your smartphone, or worse, having it stolen. And those who have never been do not rejoice very quickly, there are many who experience it (even if we don’t wish it to you).

Lack of attention, clumsiness or, unfortunately, the work of malicious people can cause you to lose your precious mobile friend. Fortunately, it is now possible to locate your smartphone remotely, whether it’s Android, iOS, Windows Phone or Blackberry. And since we’re good, that’s it. On all operating systems, yes yes. Here we go !

Android: device manager

Everything is possible thanks to Android Device Manager. It is the basic solution for Android terminals that allows you to do many things, you can find your smartphone (or tablet), steal it if you lost it, lock it with a password or erase its data.

How to remotely locate, lock or reset your phone?

We’ll start over, first you’ll need enable this Android Device Manager. In reality, this service will need administrator rights on your phone. To do this, follow these few steps, explanatory pictures are available so you can perform all the steps without any hassle.

from your computer

how to enable android device manager

from your Android device

  • come in Settings from Android device
  • Later in the section Security
  • Later on Device administrators
step 1 to enable android device manager
  • Check item Android Device Manager
  • to push enable
step 2 to enable android device manager
  • Android Device Manager is now enabled on your device.

Descriptions of possible actions

Thanks to the steps you have taken before now Android Device Manager. This will allow you to use the four main elements, the first is the location of your device. Click on the GPS icon and the website will locate a point on the map, that will be the location of your device. For other elements, I will explain in detail below.

admin items

Have your device stolen

In case of loss, here is your best ally. This option will only work if you lose your device in your current home, apartment or indoor area. Clicking the “ring” button will trigger a custom ringtone on your smartphone at maximum volume for 5 uninterrupted minutes. Even if your device is on silentthe bell will ring at maximum.

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All places where your devices can fall are no longer your enemies, just go online and steal them.

play your smartphone

Lock your device with a password

This option will come in handy in a slightly more serious moment. Lost your phone but is there a chance it’s in a public place? Before you even start searching, you should lock it with a password to prevent anyone from entering your private and professional life.

Just select “Lock” and you will be able to set a password to lock the device. You can also define a recovery message that will appear on your device’s screen if you want the finder to return it to you. In the same branch, a phone number can also be displayed so that the person in possession can contact you quickly.

lock your smartphone

Delete data on your device

This is the last possible option, when you revert to this one the others don’t work. You can delete all data on your phone. by resetting using this service. Your apps, photos, videos, music, settings will be completely deleted. The contents of your SD card will also normally be completely emptied.

The disadvantages of this app are that you will no longer be able to perform actions on your phone, geolocation is not possible and the action is irreversible. Don’t do it on a whim, but when you know you really can’t find it.

delete data on your smartphone

A very successful manager, but not perfect

This Android Device Manager lets you do many things, that’s for sure. But it’s not perfect, and it certainly can’t be one day. First, most processes require an internet connection to work, if your device won’t turn on or has no battery, you’re screwed. Secondly, all your data will normally be collected by Google for your own good.

Moreover, Your Gmail account will become even more important then and you will need to make it as secure as possible. Yes, because if your Gmail account is stolen, the thief can access all your Google services as well as the options listed above.

iOS: Find My iPhone

find my iphone
find my iphone website
find my iphone web icloud

As for the Android device manager, when you click on the icon representing your device, you can unlock it, delete all its contents and even steal it. As for Android device.

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Windows Phone: find my phone

windows phone find my phone

Anyone who says security system definitely says Blackberry. Canada values ​​its reputation and offers a protection service called Blackberry Protect. Please note that this service is only available for users of the latest version of the firm’s operating system, BB10.

protect blackberries

To access it, go to Settings and then Blackberry Protect. Enable the service by sliding the slider to the right and entering your Blackberry ID credentials. Then to find your smartphone, go to: Blackberry Protect website and define yourself.

Find blackberry preserve web