Tutorial: How to change the action of the Google Assistant shortcut at the bottom of the screen?

As you may have noticed, it hides a shortcut to open Google Assistant in the home button of an Android smartphone. To activate it, simply long press and then swipe up. It’s very practical, but what would you say if it was possible to use this shortcut? launch the app of your choice ? Your favorite example. Know that this is quite possible and rootless. Here’s how.

Via the Now Gesture Tweaks Free app google now customize shortcut without root and in a few clicks. Note that the app is free, but there is also a paid version that offers even more options, specifically allowing to turn on the camera, enable and disable Wifi or Bluetooth, adjust the brightness, and even offer several actions at once.

The free version lets you open a predefined app, launch all apps on your phone, open the notifications menu, or do nothing. What interests us, of course, is permissiveness.associate shortcut with an app.

1. Go to Play Store to download Now Gesture Tweaks Free by clicking the link below.

Google Play

2. Launch the app and then click the “Select Action” button

google now change shortcut

3. Select “Open Private App”

google now change app shortcut

4. Select the desired application from the list

google now customize shortcut

5. Return to your home screen, then long press the Home button and swipe left. Select “Move Now is Free” and then “Anytime”

google now gesture tweaks free

6. To re-enable the Google Assistant shortcut, restart the app and then go to settings by clicking the “three dots” button. Select “Clear defaults”

re-enable google now shortcut

7. Select “Google” and “Always”

shortcut shortcut google now

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