TUTO: Unlock your Samsung Galaxy S2 i9100 easily.

Unlock Galaxy S2: your Samsung galaxy S2 will still be blocked by a carrier when you buy it second hand or at a low price from another carrier. That’s why you need to unlock it.

unlockeris to continue unlocking mobile voting restriction by a network Network (Bouygues, Orange, SFR, Free). Very simple to use so you can place it SIM card inside you Samsung Galaxy S2 i9100, will add pleasure to your old pleasure SIM card. A unlocking It’s possible a few months after purchase (varies by carrier), but why wait to unlock your mobile?

This will be done in two stages: root mode on you galaxy s2 Then unlocking. Estimated average time: 10 minutes.

one/ Root your Samsung Galaxy S2 i9100.

The simplest method is to install Kernel CF-Root. It will take you two minutes. To do this, go to: CF-Root forum page. If you have any concerns, feel free to send them and we will gladly answer them.

2/ Unlock your Galaxy S2 i9100.

Here lies the most interesting thing. make sure you have original sim card (For example, if your mobile phone is Bouygues blocked, you need a Bouygues SIM card) andAccess to Android Market.

So we will start by downloading the app Galaxy S Lock. You will find it very easily by following this link. Android market or by scanning QR code below with your mobile phone:

Has the application been installed? Are you ready to continue? Then let’s go!

Open the application. You will achieve this:

You have a tab at the top right”Unlock SGSII“. Just click on it to go to a new window like this:

Now all you have to do is follow the steps (steps) by clicking on in order.

And there you go! Your Samsung Galaxy S2 i9100 is is unlocker, unblock any operator! Insert your new SIM card and finally enjoy its network and package!

See you in a new, beautiful and useful training 🙂

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