‘Trust This Computer’ Warning Not Appearing on iPhone? Here’s the Fix

When an iPhone or iPad is connected to a computer for the first time, a pop-up window appears on the screen asking users if they trust the computer. They also need to trust the computer to allow it to sync with the iOS device, access their photos, contacts, and even create backups. In my experience, trust settings work reliably most of the time – with the exception of a few rare hiccups. Unfortunately, some iDevice users have reported that the “Trust This Computer” warning is not appearing on their iPhone. As a result, they cannot sync their device with the computer. If the problem has reached you as well, you are in the right place to solve the problem.

Fix “Trust This Computer” Warning Not Appearing on iPhone and iPad

So how do we solve this problem? Good question. Let’s smash it first!

What’s the solution?

Well, first we will try a simple but effective solution that is often clicked on in removing such common hiccups. If that fails, we will restart the trust setting. In most cases, it can get the job done. Even if that doesn’t come to your rescue, we have other reliable hacks for crossing the line. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about the problem. Having said that, let’s get into the troubleshooting mode, shall we?

1. Force Restart Your Device

A hard reset often worked for me in fixing the issue where the “Trust This Computer” popup would not appear. So, this time too, I will rely on this reliable troubleshooter to click.

First, disconnect your device from the computer and then force restart your mobile device.

  • On iPhone/iPad with Face ID: Press and release the volume up button, press and release the volume down button. Finally, hold down the side button for about 10 seconds until the Apple logo appears on the screen.

  • On iPhone/iPad with Touch ID: To force restart your device, you need to press and hold the Home and sleep/wake buttons simultaneously for about 10 seconds.

iPhone with Touch ID

After your device restarts, connect it to the computer again. Now, enter the password to unlock your device. Then wait a few seconds for the “Trust This Computer” message to appear. If it opens, you are ready to go. If not, go to other solutions.

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2. Reset Trust Settings

Another trick that has proven reliable in solving this problem is resetting the trust setting. For those unfamiliar, this is part of the “Reset Location & Privacy settings” and works effectively in restoring the trust settings to their factory defaults.

Rest Trust Settings

get over your head Settings app -> General -> Reset -> Reset Location & Privacy. Next, enter your password and Reset the settings Again. Then try connecting your device to the computer to see if you are successful.

3. Reset Network Settings

If the above two solutions didn’t work, try resetting the network settings. Keep in mind, it will remove all existing Wi-Fi networks and passwords, VPN and APN settings along with cellular settings. Yes, this is a radical solution and many may not want to go for it. However, I advise you not to miss it, as it has a very good track record of solving this problem.

Open Settings app -> General -> Reset. Now, tap on Network Settings Reset and confirm.

Reset the network settings


  • In case you downloaded iTunes for Windows from Microsoft Store, make sure iTunes Mobile Device Helper is enabled as a startup item.
  • Click start button and choose Settings. Next, click apps and choose Start. Now make sure iTunes Mobile Device Assistant opens.

4. Update Your Mac/iTunes for Windows

If the problem is not fixed yet, it could be faulty macOS or an old version of iTunes. Various issues tend to occur frequently when using older versions of software. Therefore, software update would be the right way to go.

To update your Mac: Click apple menu select it in the upper left corner of the screen and System Preferences. Now, click Software Update pane and then follow the usual steps to upgrade to the latest macOS version.

Update the software on your Mac

Update iTunes downloaded from Microsoft Store: Installed from the Microsoft Store, iTunes is automatically updated when a new version is available. You also have the option to check for updates via the Microsoft Store.

Update iTunes downloaded from Apple’s website: Start iTunes -> Help menu -> Check for Updates. Now, follow the usual process to update iTunes.

Troubleshoot the Trust This Computer Alert on Your iPhone or iPad

So, these are some of the helpful solutions to fix this problem. I hope you were successful after trying them and you can sync your iOS device with computer without any issue. By the way, which one clicked for you? Share your views with us in the comments. We’ve covered quite a few helpful troubleshooting guides recently, such as how to fix AirDrop not working issue, iMessage not syncing with iCloud, and Autofill passwords issues. Check them out if you need help.

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