Transport strike: Apps to install to circumvent them

Strikes are often a source of trouble for users. The public transport network is quickly paralyzed and travel becomes very difficult. While teleworking is now possible in many companies, some users are unable to do otherwise and therefore need to find a plan B. Mobile applications show the traffic situation in real time, allowing you to find solutions quickly. Discover best practices for avoiding the hassle of migration.

Which app should be installed to avoid transport crashes?

Hello RATP

Hello RATP is an application Important in Paris and Île-de-France. In case of a traffic problem, RATP mobilizes all distribution channels to inform its users about the traffic situation. This also applies to strikes. The application quickly gives network disruption information for each line. Bonjour RATP can offer you the best route considering these inconveniences.

Hello RATP Android

Download Bonjour RATP for Android

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(89789 votes)

Developer RATP SMART SYSTEMS | Updated 05/25/2022

The SNCF Assistant also informs you about any problems you may encounter on your journey. The app has the same information as RATP for travel by public transport in Paris and Île-de-France, but Doesn’t stop in the Paris area. With the SNCF Assistant you get information about the state of rail traffic in real timeWhether for TGV INOUI, OUIGO, Intercités, TER, Thalys, Eurostar or TGV Lyria. But in 2022, SNCF Assistant will be phased out and will gradually migrate to the new SCNF Connect app.

SNCF Assistant - Android Migration

Download Assistant SNCF – Migration for Android

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Developer SNCF | Updated on 20/05/2022

City Map

Citymapper: All Your Migrations Android

Download Citymapper for Android: All Your Transports

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(172278 votes)

Developer Citymapper Limited | Updated on 28.03.2022

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Citymapper is one of the most useful apps to have on your smartphone. The application accompanies you on your travels in France or abroadWhether on foot, by self-service bike, by car or by public transport, Citymapper is one of the essential tools to calculate the cost in real time as well as the fastest way to reach your destination.


Like Citymapper, Moovit offers routes around the world. You can find the best routes here: 1400+ cities in 80 countries. Moovit gives you real-time free maps and travel instructions to help you get around. The app takes users’ GPS locations into account to calculate possible delays. Moovit also offers bike paths.

Moovit: Android Bus and Train Schedules

Moovit: Bus and Train Schedules for Android

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Moovit Developer | Updated on 03/06/2022


The Transit app works in more than 200 cities around the world. It is a real guide throughout the journey in real time. It allows you to track the progress of buses, subways and also indicates the presence of taxis, but also taxis, an Uber, bikes, scooters and self-service cars. ideal for finding best options in case of strike.

Transit: Android bus and metro timetables

Transit for Android: Download bus and subway timetables

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(90973 votes) | Maps and navigation

Version 5.12.1 | Developer Transit, Inc. | Updated on 26.05.2022

Installation: 6.0

Google Maps

Google Maps is clearly a basic application to calculate routes The application allows you to find the most suitable route, whether by public transport, by bike, by car or on foot, thanks to its GPS location. Google Maps shows travel time and any adjustment in real time to reduce your travel time.

Google Maps Android

Download Google Maps for Android

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Developer Google LLC | Updated on 02/06/2022

Waze Navigation and Traffic

Road traffic usually increases on strike days. waze a community app this allows you to specify the best route based on information provided by other users. The application can adapt to find alternative ways thus reducing the time spent in traffic jams.

Waze Navigation and Android Live Traffic

Download Waze Navigation & Live Traffic for Android

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(8530075 votes) | Maps and navigation

Version | Developer Waze | Updated on 06/01/2022

Installation: 5.0
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Geovelo GPS

If you decide to forego public transport in times of strike, you can always opt for the bike. Geovelo GPS is an application that allows you to: Find the most convenient, safe and optimized routes for cycling. It also allows you to calculate your travel time. Like Waze, alerts alert you to potential hazards reported by other users, such as potholes, cleared bike paths, or potential obstacles.

Geovelo - Android Bike GPS and Statistics

Download Geovelo – Bike GPS & Statistics for Android

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(11166 votes) | Maps and navigation

Version 10.5.14 | Developer La Compagnie des Mobilités | Updated on 05/16/2022

Installation: 6.0


In the event of a transport crash, the car can be a solution over long distances. If you don’t have a car, BlaBlaCar can help you easily find a one-off car to make your trip on strike days. If you have a car, offer your free seats. BlaBlaCar lets you limit traffic jams as other drivers can leave their cars in the garage.. It is also a more economical solution for everyone as travel costs are shared among several people.

BlaBlaCar: Car Sharing and Android Bus

Download BlaBlaCar for Android: Carsharing & Bus

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(1750990 votes) | Travel and local information

Version 5.113.0 | Developer BlaBlaCar | Updated on 27.05.2022

Installation: 6.0
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Which alternative in case of public transport strikes?

As we have seen, various solutions are possible in the event of a public transport strike. The ideal is to limit travel by encouraging it. telework e.g. However, it is not always possible to work from home as the company does not allow it or because the nature of your job makes working remotely impossible. In addition, other reasons may lead you to use public transport.

If it is not possible to work remotely at home because your internet connection is not good enough or you do not have a suitable office, you can always opt for it. collaborative work near your home. In large cities, these common areas for work can be rented hourly, daily or monthly.

If you absolutely have to travel, try to choose alternative ways. For this, the applications suggested in this guide can help you find the best route. So you can get a less affected line you by checking real-time travel times bikeinside car or in car sharingto. With a little organization and the right apps installed on your smartphone, you will easily be able to overcome the inconveniences caused by strikes.

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