Top 5 Ways to Watch Movies and TV Shows with Online Friends

Finding new ways to spend quality time with your friends while staying indoors to work from home is no longer difficult. Besides playing online and multiplayer games with your friends, you can watch movies and series with them at the same time. While this requires using some workarounds, apps, and services, you and your friends can easily stream to watch the same movies and shows.

You can create virtual rooms for watch parties and invite your friends. You can text each other in that room, decide what you want to watch and start broadcasting it. The same content will be available to everyone in the room. That’s the idea, watching the same video stream together.

Let’s start.

Scene 1

The first batch of video surveillance app on the list is Scener. It claims to allow users to host viewing parties for up to one million guests. Well, we were eyeing a smaller number, maybe 20? Scener supports popular streaming platforms like Netflix, YouTube, Hulu, and Prime, among others.

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Together, you can not only watch movies/series online, but also text and video chat with your friends. Monitor your friends’ reactions in real time as the plot unfolds. This requires a fast internet connection for a lag-free experience. You can use the Scener extension in the Chrome browser. This means it can work with Chromium powered Edge or Brave.

The scene is free, but the host ‘reserves the right’ to require viewers to pay a ticket or movie rental fee from a partner service.

2. Caste

The main difference between caste and other watch party apps that allow users to view videos online together is that it is not limited to videos. Kast actually shares your browser so you can use it to share everything, not just video content. Some examples would be games or articles. It works more like a screen sharing app that works in most browsers and has dedicated apps for all popular desktop and mobile platforms.

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You can’t host watch parties yet, as mobile apps are view-only. There is a limit of 100 people per hosted room, which should be enough for most users. The Kast Base plan will only cost $9.99 per year and will allow sharing of animated reactions while the screen is being shared. Kast Premium will cost you $4.99 per month, but will improve video quality, remove ads, and allow simultaneous screen and webcam sharing.

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3. Zoom in

Millions of people are familiar with Zoom and use it for meetings and online classes while working from home. You can get a little creative and use Zoom to watch and watch movies/shows with your friends. Zoom allows you to share your computer screen while having audio/video chat with your friends.

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Zoom is for video and audio calling. With it, you can watch videos and stream content online with your friends. As such, it has other interesting features that you won’t find in dedicated video sharing apps, like screen recording, blocking users, or waiting rooms for invitees.

The free version of Zoom allows up to 100 participants but limits the video duration to 40 minutes. After that you will need to start again. Consider it a short break or upgrade to a premium plan to remove limits. Zoom works on all popular browsers, desktop and mobile platforms.

4. Teleparty

Teleparty, formerly known as Netflix Party, is a Chrome extension that will sync Netflix content across multiple computer screens. All require the extension to be installed with an active Netflix subscription. The process is very simple. Install the extension, open Netflix and start streaming. Pause the video when the stream starts, click the extension to create a shareable link. Anyone who clicks the link will join your room and watch what you watch.

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Teleparty is free but has limited features. You can text each other, but not video chat. It also lacks advanced security features. Well, it’s a free extension after all.

While Teleparty just launched as an extension for Netflix, version 2.0 brings support for other popular streaming services like Hulu, Hotstar, HBO and more.

5. Sync

Syncplay supports many desktop operating systems such as Windows, macOS, Linux and BSD. Unfortunately, mobile users cannot join the fun as there is no mobile application. It does not support popular streaming services like Netflix or YouTube. So what does it support?

How To Watch Movies And TV Shows With Online Friends 15

Instead, you can play media files stored on your local computer. However, everyone must have the file on their separate HDD/SSD to join the room. However, there are several cloud storage and file sharing websites for uploading and sharing media files. The application is free to download and use.

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Live Life in Sync

These are tough times and spending time with loved ones is important, but being safe and healthy is just as important. Watching movies and other content online with friends opens up a whole new world of possibilities. It’s as good as watching a good movie at the cinema. So grab your popcorn and a drink, relax on the couch and watch something online together.

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