The ultimate solution to never drop your smartphone again

When you drop your smartphone, it often falls on its face. And if you’re unlucky, you’ll end up with a cracked screen. What if we offer you a solution so that you never drop your smartphone again?

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The American site Android Authority has a brand new accessory in its store right now that looks absolutely amazing, but whose principle is effective. A ring that will keep your smartphone connected to your finger all the time. The idea is far from stupid and the ring in question, called iRing, can lift up to 6 kilos. Suffice to say you won’t let him go!


Visible in the image above is an iPhone, but the accessory, of course, can be used with any smartphone when placed on the adhesive surface. The ring can even be used as a desk stand for watching videos. It’s not stupid! Knowing that a smartphone falls on the front most of the time thus increasing the risk of screen cracking, you no longer risk breaking your screen unless you are really clumsy with such an object.

The metal ring costs $15.99 in the Android Authority store. It’s not necessarily extreme and gives confidence to our most clumsy. And then it’s still cheaper than replacing a screen. Many of you have probably experienced this problem before!

A minor issue is that it’s perfect for those who keep their smartphone in their bag, but for those who put it in their pocket, they’ll be able to iron. Still, if you are someone who constantly drops your smartphone, this might be the solution or you can also test the Moto X Force and its shatterproof screen.

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