The Sims Mobile APK: how to download and install now?

The Sims Mobile is the smartphone version of Electronic Arts’ famous life simulation license. With over 100 million copies sold worldwide (excluding illegally downloaded versions), The Sims is a classic video game. Some have spent hours fine-tuning the last details of their dream home.

But until now, The Sims was only available on PC or consoles. There was indeed a first mobile version called The Sims Freeplay, but the second was really disappointing. But tactile handling is quite appropriate for a game like The Sims. EA understood this and is therefore releasing The Sims Mobile. It is actually an adaptation of The Sims 4 game released on PC in 2014.

Unfortunately, currently The Sims Mobile is only available in Brazil for a phase of large-scale beta testing. We don’t know the worldwide release date, which tends to play a little on our nerves.

But do you know? We always have a solution. And if you have an Android smartphone or tablet, you can have fun right now with The Sims Mobile. We tell you how to download and install it.

How do I download and install The Sims Mobile?

To be able to play The Sims Mobile now, you’ll need to follow the good old way of APK file. Here’s how to download and install The Sims Mobile right now:

  1. go first Settings back then Security Your Android smartphone is allowed to install apps from Unknown sources. If you do not do this, the file will not be uploaded.
  2. Then download the Sims Mobile APK from your smartphone. Depending on the smartphone, you will either be prompted to open the file and it will upload directly or it will go and get the file from your folder. Downloads
  3. install the game

That’s it, now you can play The Sims Mobile. We did the manipulation with a Galaxy S8+ and the experience is really pleasant. If you have a small screen smartphone, the experience can be boring.

Better still try, game free. In-app purchases only allow you to progress faster in your life as the Sims. If you do, feel free to say what you think of the game.

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