Take iPad Photos Easier With One Swipe – Quick Tip

In addition to offering low-quality photos, the iPad’s camera is cumbersome to use because Apple has placed the shutter button in the middle of the device when in Landscape mode. Do not stretch any further. A simple turn of the orientation lock switch can solve this problem.

It is difficult to press the shutter button in landscape mode.

Stretching the middle of the iPad after adjusting your shot is a pain, resulting in unstable angled photos or missed shots. Instead of trying to reach the dreadfully placed shutter button, use the orientation lock to move the button to the right where it’s easy to press.

Put your iPad in portrait mode, flip the orientation lock, turn your iPad into landscape mode and viola. You can easily take pictures. Even the icons on the screen are correctly oriented, which leads us to believe that this is not just a happy coincidence, but Apple’s way of designing the camera to work in landscape.

ipad camera easy to use

Lock iPad orientation for an easy-to-reach shutter button.

Even if this is the easier way to take a photo on your iPad, there are much better devices for capturing a moment; point and shoot at your cell phone… even a mental snapshot is better than the pixelated pictures you get from the iPad 2’s pathetic camera. If you plan to take pictures, take a semi-decent camera with you; Most of us already have one in our pocket.

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