Syncing Zoom Meetings with iPhone and iPad Calendars

Few apps have received as much attention as Zoom last year. As remote work has become a daily routine after the pandemic, many people have chosen video conferencing to collaborate and stay connected. With a number of notable features such as virtual background and appearance enhancements, the app stands out in most respects. One of the nifty features that caught my attention is the ability to sync Zoom meetings from iPhone and iPad calendars, which helps me keep track of everything lined up for me. After finding this really helpful, I want to show you how to sync meetings with Zoom on iOS or iPadOS.

Syncing Zoom Meetings with iPhone and iPad Calendars

Once you sync your meetings with Zoom, it becomes easy to follow them. You can also easily start the scheduled conference. With timely notifications about upcoming meetings, the app keeps you informed of what’s going to happen. For a simplified viewing experience, Zoom has a Scheduled section where you can view all your upcoming meetings along with the time and duration. That said, let’s start with steps!

  1. start zoom app on your iPhone and iPad.

2. Tap now. Settings icon located in the lower right corner of the screen.

Tap the settings icon

3. Next, tap on it. meetings.

Tap Meetings

4. Next, tap on Synchronized Calendars.

Choose Synchronized Calendars

5. Finally, turn on the switch right next to it. Sync Zoom meetings from calendars. Now, a popup will appear saying something like: “Please turn on background refresh, Zoom needs permission to notify you about upcoming meetings.”

Tap on Settings and then make sure background refresh is enabled. Now, the app will show all your synced calendars.

Sync zoom calendars


  • Make sure Zoom has access to the stock calendar app on your device. To do this, go to the Settings app -> Zoom. Now, make sure the Calendar toggle is turned on.

Sync Meetings with Zoom on iPhone and iPad

This is how you can sync meetings with Zoom on your iPhone and iPad calendar. If you use Zoom to communicate and collaborate with your colleagues, you’ll appreciate this useful feature.

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While a few strong competitors such as Google Meet and Microsoft Teams have emerged to take on Zoom, it probably remains the most preferred video conferencing tool among the platforms. What would you like to say about this video conferencing application and what new features do you want to see in this application? Be sure to convey your thoughts.