Syncing Documents to iCloud with Pages

With all the rumors about the “cloud” today, many users do not know what it is and how it can help them. Syncing documents between your iPhone using iCloud is one of many examples of how useful the cloud can be.

While there are other ways to exchange documents (like sending them by email), the cloud offers a much simpler and more reliable solution. When you use iCloud, documents are always up to date, conveniently available on all your devices, and available in no time.

While iCloud has some paid versions, the first 5GB is free if you have an Apple ID. This may not seem like much, but for the average user with only a few documents, this is a decent amount of storage to start with. Follow the guide below to set up iCloud and start syncing page documents between your Mac and iPhone.

How to Sync Page Documents?

To be able to sync documents between iPhone and Mac, you need the Pages app on both devices. If you don’t have the Mac version, search the app store for: Pages. Do the same or click this to download the iPhone app connection. The pages app for Mac is $19.99 and the iPhone app is $9.99.

If you already have pages for Mac, make sure it’s up to date so it syncs documents via iCloud.

After the app is downloaded, some settings need to be changed for iCloud to sync your documents. on iPhone,

Scroll down and select

Tap iCloud

Once you’re under the iCloud tab, make sure you have your signed-in Apple ID. After checking this, scroll down and tap the option.
Tap Documents and Data

Under this tab, Turn Documents and Data ON. Also, if you want your documents to be synced while you are away from a WiFi network set, this last option may use up some of your data allowance each month, but it’s worth using as it helps keep your documents up to date on both your Mac and your Mac. iPhone.

Documents and Data Open

Once these settings are applied, go to the home screen and

Tap pages

Tap after the app is installed.

Tap Continue

To allow document synchronization, select:

use icloud

Tap to start using the app.

Use PagesIf some of your Pages documents are already in iCloud, they should appear on the home screen.

Document List

Tap one of your existing documents or select at the top right to create a new document.

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Tap Add

Select in the popup window Create Document.

Create Document

Just like Pages for Mac, there are templates to choose from or choose from.

Template Picker

Enter whatever you want into the document using the keyboard. There are more advanced options for font size, color and much more using the tools in the top right corner. When you’re done editing your document, tap .

Tools and test document

The new document you created will appear on the home screen and can now be used on any device with iCloud.

new document

To view iCloud documents on a Mac, open Pages and click the iCloud tab in the upper-right corner of the first Pages window that appears. Then you can open and edit all documents saved in iCloud and the changes will be available when you go to edit with your iPhone. iCloud Mac

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